Dilemma: whether or not to vaccinate your children between 5 and 11 years old?

A corona survey by the RIVM at the end of November also shows that there is a lot of doubt. Nearly half of parents of children under 12 are ‘probably or certainly willing’ to have their children vaccinated. The parents are especially concerned that the vaccine could have long-term consequences for their children. Completely safe […]

It appeared in the meteor that fell in Antarctica! Is there life on Mars?

The team, led by Andrew Steele, a researcher at the Carnegie Institute for Science, stated that the 2-kilogram meteorite that crashed into Antarctica in 1984 contained no evidence of life on the red planet. Steele noted that the carbon-rich components found in the meteorite were most likely “formed by prolonged flow of salt water over […]

Cash App Adds Lightning Network to Platform » Crypto Insiders

It Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network is the most promising technology to scale Bitcoin to a global payment network. With 7 transactions per second and a block time of 10 minutes, it is unrealistic or rather impossible to make daily payments with bitcoin. Waiting at Albert Heijn until your transaction is included in a new block […]

An apartment sold for 190 million dollars in the heart of Manhattan

Nearly $190 million for a penthouse apartment above Central Park: thereal estate very big luxe at New York again close to records with this sale unveiled Thursday by the Wall Street Journal. Almost 900 m2 for this “penthouse” – a very luxury apartment on the top floor of a building usually with a terrace, also […]

Residents of San Antonio denounce lack of water

15 January, 2022, 10:39 – By Lorraine Galeano The residents denounced that almost every day they find themselves without drinking water service. Complainants. Photo: Telefuture. They expressed that they must get up at dawn to try to collect the water that comes out to be able to use it during the course of the day. […]

Restaurants open in many places in protest against extended lockdown

Thús in Drachten was probably the first restaurant to open its doors at 10.45 this morning. Fifteen minutes later, dozens of cafes and restaurants followed. There are now an estimated hundreds of them across the country. The opening is a protest against the extended lockdown. “It was good once,” says Gijs Werschkull, who has a […]