Bronx fire victims still searching for housing | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

read transcript >> good thing they’re fallinggood to alladriana: before the tragedy of thefire in the bronx, manysurvivors feel thelimbo, nor traces were asolution to which situationliving place. damaris íaz uscount how the leaders areelected and what is nationalcell problem, what helpprovides in front ofvictims.we have listened to all omafrom the mayor, thegovernor, the firefighters […]

Anders Tegnell: – – Agree with the Norwegians

The Public Health Authority (FHM) expects that the spread of infection will reach a peak at the end of January. The strong spread of infection is due to the virus variant omicron, which now dominates in Sweden. The authorities have created two scenarios, and in both it seems that the peak of infection will be […]

Fiki rejoices at the publication of Paris Hilton – Gossip

January 14, 2022 20:52 2942 0 – “I do not know Paris Hilton Paris Hilton was born on February 17, 1981 in New York to Cathy and Richard Hilton. There is that she laughed at my clothes. So the folk star FikiFikret Tuncher Fikret, better known as Fiki, is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer. Fiki was […]

SN 2020 Red Giant Star Explosiontlf Scientists Watch Live!

Scientists have witnessed the explosion of the red giant SN 2020tlf. This is also the first time astronomers have witnessed an explosion live. This great moment became a historic one for human understanding. For hundreds of years, no one has answered about the death of the star. Theories in circulation are just a possibility of […]

BTC analysis on January 13, 2022 – Beware of breaking consolidation

Technical analysis: BTC trades flat at $ 43,750 and there is potential for a breach. Trading recommendations: Given the market contraction and moving to the side, I see the potential for a breakthrough. Watch for shopping opportunities if the price breaks the pivot at $ 44,280 with good momentum. Upward targets will be set at […]

Police arrest the president of the District Council of Cartagena | THE UNIVERSAL

After several days without the political arena of Cartagena being shaken by any controversy, a few hours ago the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena detained Councilor Gloria Estrada, her husband and another companion while they were traveling in a truck with political advertising by Senator Lidio Garcia. (Read: New resignation in the Dau government: director of […]

Bolivian carriers stranded on the border with Chile due to COVID-19 tests

COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA — For a week, nearly 2,000 trucks with Bolivian cargo have been stranded in the Tambo Quemado area, on the border with Chile, due to health controls for COVID-19 imposed by the authorities of the neighboring country. Several images from the media and users on social networks show an endless line of vehicles […]

6863 newly infected with COVID-19, 16.7% of those tested, 80 died

– – – 6863 are the newly diagnosed persons with COVID-19 in our country for the past 24 hours. This is 171 cases less than yesterday, according to the Unified Information Portal. A total of 41,084 tests were performed during the last 24 hours. This means that 16.7% of new cases are tested. – 80 […]

Oyonnax and Bayonne ensure, Colomiers is scared, Grenoble sinks

Guillaume MARION, Media365, published on Friday January 14, 2022 at 11:35 p.m. Victorious in Carcassonne (13-32), Oyonnax continued his good run and now occupies the sole lead of the Pro D2, at the end of the 17th day. At the same time, Bayonne and Colomiers also won and settled a little further into the top […]