Eric Adams won New York Mayoral primary – USA

New York – Brooklyn Mayor Eric Adams sees himself as the winner of the Democratic primary in the race for mayor of the US east coast metropolis New York. “I’m honored to be the Democratic nominee for mayor in the city I’ve always called home,” Adams wrote on Twitter Tuesday night after the US news […]

Saudi Arabia to Develop Nuclear Energy Program

loading… Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman al-Saud. Saudi Arabia will develop a nuclear power program. Photo/REUTERS RIYADH – Saudi Arabia will use its uranium resources to develop a nuclear power program. This was conveyed by Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman al-Saud on Wednesday. During the International Mining Conference in Riyadh, […]

NASA spacecraft finds ‘strong evidence’

An image captured by Sherlock Watson’s camera from the Mars rover “Persevering” shows part of the rover itself on the Martian surface. © NASA / Jpl-Caltech / dpa NASA’s “Persevering” rover made a surprising discovery. This discovery aroused great enthusiasm among researchers. Frankfurt/Pasadena – Shortly after arriving on the planet Mars* In February 2021, NASA’s […]

Gerard Joling fooled in Secret Duets

Four well-known panel members sing a duet every week with a mysterious, well-known guest. They don’t know with whom they are singing a duet, because the panelist and the guest are separated by a wall. Everything revolves around one question: who is the person on the other side of the wall? “I know you a […]

Instagram Tests Vertical Scrolling Feature in Turkey

Instagram has started testing a new feature with some of its users in Turkey. This feature, which will make Instagram look a little more like TikTok, allows stories to be replaced with vertical scrolling. It is unknown when the feature will be available. One of the world’s largest social networks Instagramstarted to test a new […]

BTp more expensive, but S&P trusts Italy (for now)

analysesPublic debt Rising yields in the Treasury auction, but the phenomenon is global and linked to inflation and growth. And the experts are looking rather at the ECB decisions on share buybacks by Maximilian Cellino January 13, 2022 – The Stock Exchange, the indices of 13 January 2022 The cost of the Italian debt upon […]

Cautious optimism among business leaders for 2022

PROSPECTS. Like the Canadian economy, the Québec region should continue its momentum in 2022. Despite the pandemic upsurge, we can hope for a gradual transition towards a little more normality. However, business leaders anticipate that the enviable situation of the regional economy will come up against some worrisome issues. This is the main point that […]

Architect of the Schocken department store: Erich Mendelsohn’s legacy – culture

In Stuttgart he built the legendary Schocken department store, which was demolished long ago: a volume presents the important work of the architect Erich Mendelsohn. – Stuttgart – Erich Mendelsohn is one of the most important and versatile architects of the 20th century. He achieved fame, among other things, through his groundbreaking department store buildings […]