The Long Tail of Police Officers Due to Ojol’s Lost Motorbike Was Dicueki

Bogor – Treatment police officer at Cileungsi Police the ‘ignorant’ reports of motorcycle taxi drivers named Charly (38) have long tails. The police officer is now being questioned by the Bogor Police Propam. The incident that happened to Charly has gone viral on social media. Charly received unpleasant treatment when she reported the loss of […]

Physiotherapist, Marion has just moved to the Londinières health center

Through Sebastien Aliome Published on 12 Jan 22 at 17:22 The Awakening of Neufchâtel See my news Follow this media Marion Leconte is the new physiotherapist at Londinières. (©The Awakening of Neufchâtel) This is good news for Londinières and its canton. Marion Leconte has just moved to multidisciplinary health center, Beau Soleil Street. ” We […]

Don’t shoot the messenger – DND

Anyone who provides a news service (messenger), a website or an Internet platform on which users can generate so-called content themselves (i.e. (text) inputs that are then visible on this platform) is jointly responsible for this content. This is nothing new, it was long before that NetzDG so. It starts on a small scale: if […]

Coronavirus in the world – WHO reported the highest incidence in a day

According to the WHO, on January 12, 312,173,462 people were infected and 5,501,000 died from the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. “The number of new cases of infection increased per day by 3,395,785, deaths – by 7,735,” the report says. This is the highest incidence rate per day. The previous record was set […]

Sucre approves law that requires a vaccination card or PCR to enter the city

Page Seven Digital The Municipal Council of Sucre, in Chuquisaca, approved this Wednesday the Autonomous Municipal Law 228/2022 on safe entry to the municipality, which requires the vaccination card or the negative PCR test for all people who want to enter that city. The purpose of the measure is to establish a reliable control mechanism […]

El Clasico: Big emotions in the Super Cup! Real Madrid will play in the final

Since 2019, the Spanish Super Cup is played in the formula of a mini-tournament with the participation of the national champion and runner-up as well as the Copa del Rey winner and finalist. Real Madrid triumphed in 2020, and Athletic Bilbao a year later. However, it is only now for the first time in this […]

The Paradise of the Ladies 6 January 12, 2022

Previews The Paradise of the Ladies 6 12 January 2022 The episode of The Ladies’ Paradise 6 of 12 January 2022 is provided on Rai 1 at 15:55 on first viewing. Like all the episodes already broadcast on TV, you can find it on RaiPlay after airing. Alternatively, still on RaiPlay, you can follow episode […]

Supernova sequence may have created massive star-forming ‘bubble’

The thousands of stars that form the Milky Way neighborhood are the result of a sequence of more than ten supernova explosions that occurred 14 million years ago, which gave rise to a large bubble, responsible for forming all the young stars close to us. The discovery was made by astronomers at the Center for […]