Mayor Adams Moved to Give Brother Job Before Ethics Approval – NBC New York

What you should know Mayor Eric Adams may have violated New York City ethics law by asking the NYPD to hire his brother, Bernard, before obtaining permission from the Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB). English) of the city, based on interviews with local ethics experts. The process to hire Adams’ brother began just before Christmas […]

Bargain hunt at Paradeplatz – traditional Zurich hotel sells inventory

– Traditional Zurich hotel sells inventory With the total liquidation of the Savoy, a piece of Zurich hotel history came to an end. The leftovers were coveted. Published: 01/12/2022, 13:06 Everything has to go: leather armchairs from the rooms of the Hotel Savoy are for sale during the total liquidation. Photo: Ela Celik Just like […]

DISCONNECT.-A retiree earns 18,000 euros selling works of art painted by her dog

01-12-2022 Sold for 430? a work of art painted by a dog YOUTUBE SOCIETY – VIDELO – IVYKITETHEAUSSIE MADRID, 12 Ene. (EDITIONS) Owner Lisa Kite, 58, started teaching her adorable nine-year-old Australian Shepherd Ivy how to paint when she had just turned two, after noticing that she was an easy learner of new techniques. Ivy […]

Ticket to the moon: New York is the pinnacle of life

New York is a city of love. In Brooklyn, it’s even painted on the walls: Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way. Fellow citizens will be happy to help you if you are literally lost. “And who are you? And where are you from? And we are so happy to meet you!” That too is New […]

Slaughter 27 Convicts, Prison Head in Sri Lanka Sentenced to Death

Sri Lanka – A high -ranking Sri Lankan prison official was convicted death sentence. He was sentenced to death for the murder of 27 inmates on death row. As reported by AFP on Thursday (12/1/2022), the Colombo High Court sentenced Prison Commissioner Emil Lamahewage to death, but his co-accused, police commander Moses Rangajeewa, was acquitted […]

Trigger High Cholesterol, Avoid Consumption of These 2 Offals

loading… High cholesterol can be triggered by consuming offal too often. Liver and heart are types of offal that contain high enough cholesterol. Photo/The Ready State JAKARTA – High cholesterol can be triggered by consumption innards too often. Liver and heart are types of offal that contain cholesterol quite high, especially if both are processed […]

Sport Kort: Noa Lang grabs next to Golden Shoe in Belgium | Sport

Keep up to date with all the sports news. We have set up special pages on our website for football, tennis, skating, motorsport, cycling and darts news, on which the most important matters in these sports are highlighted. In this section Sport Kort mainly the other messages are discussed. Chelsea beat Spurs again in League […]

Dáda Patrasová described the return to Slováček: My soul…

Dáda Patrasová and Felix Slováček Source: Profimedia Not quite like two doves yet, but still with smiles on their faces and in a good mood, the couple who have been washing a lot of money, Felix Slováček and Dáda Patrasová, arrived recently at a social event in the Municipal House. While the male half of […]