Active Case Translucent 1593, Omicron 333

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Active cases of corona virus (Covid-19) from DKI Jakarta increased by 199 cases per Saturday (8/1). Thus, the total active corona cases in Jakarta reached 1,593 cases. “It should be underlined that 1,212 people from the number of active cases are foreign travelers,” said Head of Disease Prevention and Control, DKI […]

Haut-Rhin. The employee of a vaccination center “violently attacked”

An employee of the vaccination of Munster (Haut-Rhin) was ” violently assaulted » Friday January 7 by three people, announced Saturday the prefecture of Haut-Rhin and the Grand Est Regional Health Agency (ARS). The public prosecutor of Colmar, Catherine Sorita-Minard, told AFP that on Saturday she opened a flagrant investigation for “Violence in meetings with […]

Forecast, streaming, TV, formations and schedule to watch the NBA LIVE

NBA NBA | LIVE ONLINE | TODAY | RJ Barrett and his New York Knicks will play Jayson Tatum and his Boston Celtics for a regular season game. What are forecasts? What day and what time? How are the formations? Streaming and TV to watch LIVE here! For Leonel david January 08, 2022 06:32 PM […]

The ‘Moon Cube’ discovered by Chinese explorers turned to stone

China Rover Yuto-2, on the other hand month, I saw a distant cube-shaped object last month. China space agency The object is called the “mysterious hut”. Others call it the “moon cube”. The explorer got closer and took a better picture, revealing that the “cube” was a rock in the shape of a rabbit. LoadSomething […]

The Size of the Earth, and the Continuing Enlargement of the Size Debate

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — How wide the size of the Earth is still a big question for some people. Moreover, some reports say the size of the Earth is getting bigger. Earth is the third planet from the Sun, as well as the fifth largest of the eight planets in the solar system. Earth is […]

Bahlil Disappointed IBC Cancels Acquisition of German Electric Vehicle Company

IBC’s proposed acquisition of StreetScooter accused of potential mark-up REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA —Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC) has missed an opportunity to acquire a manufacturer electric vehicle from Germany, StreetScooter. This was conveyed directly by the Minister of Investment/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia. “The (acquisition) option is no longer given to us, dear,” […]