New York prosecutor wants to hear Trump and his kids in tax evasion case

The New York State prosecutor, who is investigating a possible tax fraud by the Trump Organization, wants to hear from former President Donald Trump and his children Ivanka and Donald Junior, a judicial source was told Monday. According to a New York State Supreme Court document signed by Attorney Letitia James, the ex-president and two […]

Girl (8) died after wind blows bouncy castle into the air in Spain | Abroad

That writes The Guardian. Emergency services were called to the fairground in Mislata, a municipality on the outskirts of Valencia, on Tuesday evening. Minutes earlier, shocked witnesses had watched the funfair’s inflatable structure soar into the air, throwing several children to the ground, El País newspaper reported. Search Nine children were taken to hospital, two […]

What should I do if I have to apply the booster but I got covid-19? – Health

Based on the available scientific evidence, those over 50 years of age should receive a third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 four months after completing the immunization scheme, while the deadline for people between 28 and 49 years is set at six months. In this sense, the Health portfolio clarified what is the next […]

Naples: Rrahmani, Zielinski and Lobotka on the pitch despite the ASL ban. Because?

The three players had been ordered to quarantine by ASL 2 in Naples, but they took the field against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium. Napoli refers to the protocol established by the Football Federation in June 2020 and to the “Soft quarantine”, which allows the movement from home to work even for unvaccinated (but with […]

Alienware unveils a 34-inch game screen with QD-OLED and 175 Hz

The progress of OLED technology among mobile phones and TVs cannot be denied, but with regard to computer monitors, the development is all the slower. The screens that have been launched so far have either been focused on more professional users or moved in mammoth-class size classes. The latter is a result of the fact […]

Bill Gates shoots in the lagoon and gets the Danieli

The man among the richest in the world comes to the lagoon to shop and sets his sights on the oldest hotel in Venice: the Danieli. Thus Bill Gates adds the historic Venetian luxury hotel to the San Domenico in Taormina, already taken over and which is part of the “Four Seasons” group of the […]

Scholarships | Europe and Asia rocked by Fed storm, Wall Street comes out

(New York) The toughening of the tone of the US Federal Reserve caused European markets to fall sharply on Thursday, with US markets remaining volatile, but catching their breath after their plummet the day before. Posted on January 6, 2022 at 7:08 am Updated at 5:07 p.m. Undecided after a session of sharp fall, Wall […]

Argentina urges debt rescheduling (nd current)

Growing poverty: Argentina government wants to negotiate a scope for effective social policy in the rescheduling negotiations with the IMF. Photo: imago images/Roberto Almeida “The word adjustment has been banned from the discussion with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for us the secret is growth.” On Wednesday, Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández clearly rejected an austerity […]

Nabil Bentaleb signs in Angers

We talked about it at the beginning of the afternoon on DZfoot, it is now official: the Algerian international Nabil Bentaleb is signing up with the Angers SCO for a 3-year contract. It’s the end of the tunnel for Nabil Bentaleb. After very (very) complicated last months at Schalke 04, between underperformance, alleged behavioral problems, […]