US sanctions Milorad Dodik, Bosnian Serb leader accused of “destabilizing” the Balkans

The United States on Wednesday imposed financial sanctions on Bosnian Serb political leader Milorad Dodik, accused of “threaten stability“from the Balkans. The punitive measures announced by the US Treasury target “destabilizing corrupt activities“of this politician who is currently a member of the Bosnian collegiate presidency, as well as a television channel”under his control“, Alternative Television, […]

Frost between Russia, Ukraine and NATO. And Europe risks war –

Putin has sent thousands of soldiers to the border. Kiev asks the West for help. The clash would be a disaster Over the past few weeks Russia has brought nearly 100,000 troops along the border with Ukraine, deploying them in a war gear. As if that weren’t enough to escalate tensions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky […]

Finally, Scientists Can Test Stephen Hawking’s Theory of Black Holes in Space!

INDOZONE.ID – One of the well -known theories about the universe is the theory Stephen Hawking which is a controversial theory. Stephen in the 1970s said that the universe was formed of dark matter, the invisible substance that composes most of the matter in the universe, probably made of dark matter. black hole formed in […]

Intel Introduces New SKUs to Complete Intel’s Alder Lake Desktop Line

While. Intel Illustration of a 12th Gen Intel Core codenamed Intel Alder Lake for desktop. On CES 2022 today, Intel introduces new SKUs Intel Core 12th Generation with codename Intel Alder Lake for desktops. These new processors complete the line Intel Alder Lake desktop alias Intel Alder Lake S which has been launched previously in […]

Sentiment on Wall Street subdued – tech stocks clearly under pressure

Börse in New York The record high sales at Tesla are also driving up the share prices of competitors. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt, New York Details from the December minutes of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) put the US stock exchanges under pressure on Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial, which had risen to a record high […]

A woman died of coronavirus and her family fulfilled her wish

Mabel Badina, a woman from the Cordoba town of Lions, had an dream that he could not specify because he died after catching coronavirus. However, her family to honor her fulfilled her last will, so he made the important donation from cribs to San José Municipal Hospital, from Campaign. Read also: Accident and tragedy in […]

Is there a threat of a corona test bottleneck in the Hanseatic city?

In addition to proof of vaccination or a certificate of convalescence, hamburgers will soon need a daily corona test in many areas. That could pose problems for test centers. In Hamburg, the 2G-plus regulation is to be expanded from Monday. In many areas that were previously accessible to those who have been tested and those […]