Acquisition Trend Continues, Sony Takes Over US$3.6 billion Halo Game Maker

Source: Reuters | Editor: Thomas Hadiwinata KONTAN.CO.ID – BENGALUR. Sony Interactive Entertainment will acquire Bungie Inc in a $3.6 billion deal. The takeover of videogame creator Halo and developer of Destiny extends a wave of consolidation sweeping the gaming sector. Through an announcement on the blog site, Bungie stated that he would join the Sony […]

Recovery rally in tech sector continues

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – The hunt for supposed bargains continued to drive prices on Wall Street towards the end of the month. As on Friday, the technology stocks, which are considered to be particularly susceptible to fluctuations and sensitive to the economy, rose significantly at the beginning of the week. Fitting into the positive picture […]

Russia and the US have a big fight at the UN Security Council over Ukraine

loading… NEW YORK – United States of America (USA) and Russia great disagreement on UN Security Council , Monday (31/1/2022). Moscow lost in an attempt to block public gatherings about the buildup of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border and Western fears of an invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. As the Washington Post reported, […]

Storms over Europe: Dead in Germany, Great Britain and Poland – International

Vienna – Heavy storms swept across several European countries at the weekend. There were two deaths in Great Britain, and one each in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. In Hamburg, a heavy storm surge flooded the fish market in the St. Pauli district on Sunday night. Upper Austria is struggling with power outages.

These films and series start in February 2022

January 31, 2022 at 7:20 am series and films : These new releases will be available on Amazon Prime Video in February 2022 Information These series and films will be available on Amazon Prime Video in January 2022 Photo: dpa/Daniel Reinhardt The streaming provider Amazon Prime Video increases its offer every month. You can find […]

Disaster for Federer, good operation for Mededev

The day after Rafael Nadal’s 21st Grand Slam crown, still fifth in the hierarchy, Daniil Medvedev, beaten in the final by the Spaniard, got closer to Novak Djokovic, absent in Melbourne. As for Roger Federer (30th), he no longer appears in the world’s top twenty for the first time since April 2001. On the French […]

How covid-19 is complicating divorce cases in the United States

Rocio Munoz-Ledo (CNN) — Denise thought her divorce was behind her. Then the pandemic came. And it wasn’t long before the custody case she thought was closed wasn’t. Covid-19 is a daily reality that millions of divorced and divorcing parents across the country are struggling to navigate. And divorce attorneys say that for many families, […]