2022 Alphard Car Price

KOMPAS.com – Toyota is one of the most popular car manufacturers in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, this Japanese car manufacturer offers 7 classes of cars, ranging from Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) to sports cars.

Among all these classes, MPV cars are the most ogled by buyers.

Toyota’s MPV class offers many types of cars, one of which is Toyota Alpharda premium car unit in its class.

The Toyota Alphard was first released in 2002 in Japan and was only launched in Indonesia in its second generation, namely 2008.

Then, how much? Alphard . car price?

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Launch the official page ToyotaAlphard cars have 3 variants with different prices and features.

Here’s the latest price list:

  • Alphard 3.5 QA/T Type: starting from IDR 1,577,900,000
  • Alphard 2.5 GA/T Type: starting from IDR 1.303.700.000
  • Alphard 2.5 XA/T Type: starting from Rp. 1,147,200,000

The three variants are available in two colors, namely pearl white and black, and have a new front-rear aerokit design.

All of the Alphard variants have the same dimensions, namely a length of 4,945 mm, a width of 1,850 mm, a height of 1,895 mm, and a wheelbase of 3,000 mm.

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