Seven DSV eagles are ready ›HL-SPORTS

HL-SPORTS – Current sports news from and for Lübeck Ski jumping – For the 70th Four Hills Tournament, which starts on Tuesday (December 28th) in Oberstorf, the German Ski Association (DSV) has nominated seven “eagles” – with World Cup leader Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler (6x world champion), Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger, Stephan Leyhe, Constantin Schmid, […]

LIVE! Alba in Bayreuth – trio around Bamberg against the crisis

Alba Berlin keeps up with the front-runner Telekom Baskets Bonn in the Bundesliga. The club from the capital lived up to its role of favorites at 109: 79 at medi Bayreuth on Monday. Fight for the ball: Albas Tamir Blatt (left) and Lukas Sikma (2nd from right) in a duel with Martynas Sajus (2nd from […]

James Webb Space Telescope Facts That Will Reveal the Secrets of the Universe

Jakarta – After being delayed several times, James Webb Space Telescope finally made it slide on Christmas Day. But scientists haven’t been able to breathe a sigh of relief. There are still many stressful stages to go through until the telescope “sit” in position and function properly. The US national space agency NASA has high […]

Luis Milla’s support for Indonesia in the 2020 AFF Cup Final

Jakarta – Indonesia managed to advance to the final round AFF Cup 2020. Former coach of the Red and White team, Luis Milla, expressed his support from Spain. Indonesia reached the final after beating Singapore in the semifinals 5-3 on aggregate. The two teams drew 1-1 in the first leg and Indonesia won 4-2 in […]

How have the leaders changed? –

Source: Barrandov film studio Transformation The comedy Alone by the Forest from 1976 is one of the most popular with viewers. It is repeated on television every year, and this year is no different. Czech Television broadcast it on Monday evening, December 27, so that viewers could once again remember popular characters, such as Mr. […]

Investment bank Goldman Sachs obliges staff to get booster | Economy

Anyone entering the offices must receive a booster shot before February 1 if they are eligible for such an additional injection before that date. Because it will take some time before all employees have received their booster, bank staff will have to be tested more often in the coming period. This will soon be increased […]

Israel tests 4th dose of COVID-19 vaccine

JERUSALEM – Israel began testing a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in what is believed to be the first study of its kind. The trial began at Sheba Medical Center, located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, with 150 medical staff who received a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and […]