During the holidays, blood donation remains important!

In Dijon, you can go to the donation house, located rue du stade Credit: Illustrative photo / Roxanne Gauthier What if it was the best time of the year to go to a fundraiser? As Christmas approaches, a traditionally difficult period for blood donation and even more so in the current health context, the French […]

Strong wind in 16 districts on Monday, snow in northeastern Bulgaria

PHOTO: Pixel A cold front will pass through the country on Monday. The clouds will increase and over most areas it will be mostly significant. In some places it will rain in Northeastern Bulgaria, the Fore-Balkans and in the mountains – light snow, and in the plains – light rain. Yellow code has been announced […]

PRONOS PARIS RMC Coach Courbis’ football bet of December 19

My prognosis: draw between Poitiers and Lens (12.00) I suggest you try a very big shot. Our friend the Coupe de France can be very capricious with the Ligue 1 teams. We have already seen this in the past. I think there could be a nice surprise between Poitiers and Lens. The Poitou amateurs will […]

Man arrested in New York over Fox News giant Christmas tree fire

A man suspected of having intentionally set fire to the giant Christmas tree which stands in front of the headquarters of the American television station Fox News was arrested Wednesday by the New York police (NYPD). The 49-year-old individual is now being prosecuted for “arson” after being caught around midnight (5:00 GMT Wednesday) climbing the […]

Actress Chris Nota’s wife shocked by husband’s sex scandal

Not only two, but even three women have publicly stated that they have been sexually abused by the American actor Krista Nota. The sheet music is best known in the world as Mr. Great from the cult series “Sex and the City”. The sequel to the series “And That’s the Time It Goes …” Content […]

Bird Flu Outbreak Detected in France, Livestock Exterminated

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Plague bird flu reported on Sunday (20/12) has been detected at a duck farm in the Landes region, French. This location is the center of the production of a typical French food, foie gras, which is made from duck liver. “The clinical signs were unmistakable and the decision was made to […]

“High five!” 76,087 euros were donated in two days

Since the beginning of the charity marathon “Give five!” live broadcast, a total of 76,087 euros was donated by 6 pm on 19 December. Latvian Radio 5 – pieci.lv DJs Elīna Baltskara, Linda Samsonova and Magnuss Eriņš will continue to play the songs selected for donations for another four days. The funds raised will help […]