The contract is not spelled out. Are the Russians afraid of wars

What do they think about the war with Ukraine in Russia The call to the trenches is not included in the social contract, and even in the conditions of accelerating inflation and stagnation of all macroeconomic indicators. Ukraine has been intimidated for a month with a new attack by Russia. And what is the attitude […]

auction at Crédit Municipal

Like almost every month, Crédit Municipal de Nantes sells items that have not been taken back by depositors at auction. The sale will take place this Thursday, December 16. Almost everyone knows the Municipal Credit which, in Nantes, is housed at 2 rue Marcel Paul, behind the Malakoff district. In another time, this type of […]

Murder coverage in the New York Times

AOn December 2nd, shortly before eleven o’clock in the evening, Davide Giri was stabbed to death in New York. Giri, 30 years old, came from the Piedmont region of Italy and was a PhD student in computer science at Columbia University. Giri was on his way home from soccer practice, he was a defender with […]

An unexpected alliance. Orbán promised Macron support

An unexpected rapprochement took place at a meeting between the French president and members of the Visegrad Four. Although Emmanuel Macron pointed to “problems with the rule of law and discrimination against sexual minorities, which is why the European Commission is conducting proceedings against Warsaw and Budapest”, he also found common ground with his Hungarian […]

Manchester City, Leeds United’ı 7 bitirdi!

Manchester City, coached by Pep Guardiola, hosted Leeds United under the management of Marcelo Bielsa. The side that started the match fast became the hosts. With goals scored by Foden in the 8th minute, Grealish in the 13th minute and De Bruyne in the 32nd minute, City took the lead 3-0 and the first half […]

National Film Center anniversary “second series” portal / Day

From December 14, the essence of the second decade is available on the portal – ten valuable films made from 2001 to 2010. The 21st century begins in the Latvian film industry, becoming more and more aware that Latvia is a full-fledged European country, so Latvian cinema is one of the first national industries […]