2nd federal round: Colomiers continues

– – Petit Poucet of the 2nd federal round, the US Colomiers (R2) qualified on Sunday for the round of 16 of the Women’s French Cup. If it had not been for US Colomiers, logic would have prevailed during the 2nd federal round of the Women’s French Cup, this Sunday, December 12. The Haute-Garonnaise team […]

American withdrawal from Afghanistan: what strategic consequences?

ANALYSIS – America’s allies watch with concern the erosion of its deterrence. They anticipate a resurgence of the jihadist movement and fear a passage to the act of Moscow or Beijing. After the chaotic departure at the end of August of the American troops deployed for twenty years in Afghanistan, a new order is emerging. […]

Shocking – a whole state of COVID victims in America

The United States today reached 800,000 deaths from coronavirus as the country prepares for a potential increase in the number of those infected. The reasons are that more time is spent indoors, temperatures are lower, and the Omicron option occurs, Reuters reported. The crossed threshold means that the number of covid deaths is already higher […]

Be careful, these are the symptoms of prostate cancer

INDONESIAN EYE, JAKARTA Prostate cancer is cancer in men that develops in the prostate gland and is usually characterized by disturbed urination. Most prostate cancer patients are over 65 years old. This cancer is not aggressive and grows slowly. The prostate is a small gland located at the base of the bladder. These glands are […]

Hareide said goodbye – RBK missed European chance – VG

TRONDHEIM (VG) (Rosenborg-Strømsgodset 2-2) Rosenborg fought back in the match, but abused the opportunity to secure 4th place and still hope for games in Europe in 2022. Published: Just updated – – Now I will drive home, and book a flight to Denmark, and do away with a funeral on Tuesday. Then I’ll just relax, […]

Germany issues a red alert. Hackers are preparing attacks. The highest degree of danger

IT security experts have struck the alarm over a software vulnerability that threatens many servers on the network. The head of the Federal Office for Information Technology Security (BSI) Arne Schönbohm and former Interior Minister Horst Seehofer recently warned of the growing threat of cyber attacks. Last year, 144 million were detected, according to BSI […]

“You better get well!” (video)

Cine-TV-Revue People – Posted on Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 10:06 am — Loana is controversial with his last video posted on Instagram. – – Loana is talking about her again! Two days ago, the former reality TV star posted a video on Instagram announcing that he was offering his services on the Vidoleo site. […]