Rennes. Six people indicted for tool theft

Six people were indicted in Rennes for having committed nearly 400 thefts of portable power tools (jigsaws, drills, screwdrivers, sanders, etc.), stolen from artisan vans in 25 French departments, the prosecutor announced on Saturday. of the Republic of Rennes. The suspects, aged 19 to 25, were indicted for “criminal association with a view to preparing […]

Coronavirus in Germany – Merkel warns Germans of difficult times

Merkel noted that Germany faces several difficult weeks due to the pandemic. She also noted that in some lands the situation with coronavirus is too serious. “In the midst of the fourth wave of the pandemic, we found ourselves in a very serious situation, in some parts of our country it can be called nothing […]

Alagoas is one of the states with the highest incidence of dengue and Zika

The epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of Health shows that eight Brazilian states have the highest rates of positivity in serological tests for dengue, which in Brazil reached 34.6%. One of them is Alagoas, with 35.4%. The list also includes Rio Grande do Sul (53.7%), Ceará (50.1%), Santa Catarina (47.7%), Amazonas (43.9%), São Paulo (41.3%), […]

Napoli – Atalanta. Great game in Naples. Piotr Zieliński’s goal. Serie A

The result of the match was opened in the seventh minute by Ruslan Malinowski, who showed a precise shot from the penalty area. The players from Vesuvius managed to respond to the Ukrainian hit only five minutes before the break. The author of the equalizing score was Zieliński, who defeated Juan Musso in installments. For […]

‘Standing up for retirees’ | What you say

And all the misery is caused by an actuarial interest that is not okay. Everything is getting more expensive every year and we are getting worse. Those responsible should be ashamed of themselves. The pension pots are overflowing, billions in the pot, grabbing by politicians in the past and fat salaries and bonuses for directors… […]

Horror Wedding Video Goes Viral: Bride Passes Out, Has To Break

RTL> December 04, 2021 – 3:36 pm clock Horror wedding for Braut Hollee The wedding should be the best day of your life! Well and good, if it weren’t for the incredible nervousness. That makes Hollee Darnell quite a spanner in the works. Because on their big day everything goes wrong that can go wrong. […]

Despite the 5th wave and Omicron, growth is resisting (for now) in Europe

Will the tidal wave once again plague the European economy? While most member states have been implementing restrictive measures for weeks, the latest PMI indicators, widely observed in economic and financial circles, indicate that activity in the euro zone accelerated in the euro zone during the month. November. This composite index unveiled this Friday, December […]