Index – Tech – Five video games that terribly disappointed everyone

There’s a little worse feeling than when someone is in an uplifting mood waiting for a new game that the makers are also hypeing with full force. They promise heat and wood. It will be innovative, with freedom never seen before, our decisions will really carry weight, we have never seen anything like it before. […]

Inflation in Germany is at its highest in 29 years

According to the domestic calculation methodology, inflation rose to 5.2 percent. More recently, prices have been pushing up more expensive energy, as well as supply chain problems. However, the statistical office also mentions a low price level in 2020. – According to non-harmonized data, inflation exceeded analysts’ expectations in a Reuters poll. They assumed that […]

Education remains | Aktion Sodis

As part of Education Remains, concepts have been developed at the vocational schools that respond to the needs of the local population in such a way that we are now committed to their dissemination in the region. At the Instituto Tecnológico Charcas in San Pedro de Buena Vista, for example, the prototype of a smoke-free […]

Spain – Georgia live | Spain Basketball World Cup 2019

Update narration Updated: 29/11/2021 22:20 THIS — See full narration ¡ Good afternoon everyone!! Today we have the Ballon d’Or, we have Davis Cup, and we have basketball! Spain is playing to qualify for the next World Cup in 2023 to be held in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. The qualifying phase, which began for […]

Blind passengers hid in equipment room:

On Saturday, a 26-year-old man was arrested after hiding in the equipment room of a plane, according to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It writes CNN. The 26-year-old hid in a room on the underside of an American Airlines jet during a flight from Guatemala City to Miami – which is a 2.5-hour […]

Children’s Routine Immunization is More Important than the COVID-19 Vaccine

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 – 06:30 WIB – VIVA – In the midst of a pandemic, all attention is focused on how to deal with COVID-19. But, many then forget that there is a threat of other disease outbreaks that can be prevented by doing so immunization. During the pandemic, the General Chairperson of the […]

Juve-capital gains, the PM: ‘New calciopoli? Closed investigation, we will move everything to sports justice. The interceptions … ‘| First page

The investigation of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office on the capital gains of the Juventus which led to the formalization of the accusations of false accounting and bogus invoices charged to the entire Juventus management can wreak havoc within the Italian football system. THE FIGC ASKED THE ACTS – The Football Federation asked the prosecutor […]

Sobchak in a leather suit with a sheath skirt was published with Bogomolov

Julia Todorovich The TV presenter at the secular evening appeared with her husband. Ksenia Sobchak. Photo: – Ksenia Sobchak has long been a celebrity. She is a TV presenter and journalist. The blonde often goes out, so her wardrobe has outfits for every occasion in life. She regularly interviews celebrities. She also sometimes happens […]