The Czech beater fell in a flash! A two-meter opponent didn’t deal with it

The third appearance of the Czech MMA wrestler Michal Martínek in the Russian organization ACA was very short-lived. Blackbeard, as Martínek is nicknamed, confronted the tall Estonian Denis Smoldarev, who won the TKO battle in less than half a minute. Martínek thus failed to build on his previous victory and in the ACA he claims […]

Rockstar apologizes for GTA »Vortex remasters

Rockstar developers released a short time ago on their site statement to an unsatisfactory condition remasterované trilogie Grand Theft Auto. Since the issue, which was preceded by essentially no full-fledged preview, nor the possibility for the media to review in advance, there is essentially nothing more than inadequate technical condition and the loss of Rockstar’s […]

Soccer: 1. FC Rielasingen-Arlen is a guest with a lucky bag with a battered lawn

Football league: 1. CfR Pforzheim – 1. FC Rielasingen-Arlen (Saturday, 2 p.m., stadium in Brötzinger Tal). – 1. FC Rielasingen-Arlen is going to Pforzheim with the staffing situation still very tense. It cannot be ruled out that, like last Sunday, players from the district league reserve will also sit on the bench. The list of […]

Covid-19 origin investigation points to Wuhan market

Pfizer will not profit with pill against covid-19 in 95 countries 2:11– (CNN) — A fresh look at the possible origins of the COVID-19 pandemic points directly to the Huanan seafood market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, a scientist who has studied the pandemic from the beginning said Thursday. University of Arizona researcher Michael […]

Harris briefly served as US President for Biden’s colonoscopy – USA

Washington – US President Joe Biden briefly handed over his authority to his deputy Kamala Harris on Friday. This was the first time that a woman was at the helm of the state in the USA – if only for around 85 minutes. According to the White House, the reason for the temporary transfer of […]

Putin wants to convince Biden of his madness: Ukraine struck a blow to Russia

Until that happens, the Kremlin will ignore the Normandy format, which is designed to resolve the conflict in Donbas. It will also continue to rattle weapons at our borders. To the topic Constrains the Normandy format, – ex-Ukrainian ambassador to the United States on Russian troops The day before, Vladimir Putin made a statement to […]