Djokovic destroys Norrie, Ruud overcomes Rublev and goes to the semifinals | News

The Norwegian wins 2-6, 7-5, 7-6 (5) surprising the Russian, the world number 1 sweeps away the British with a clear 6-2, 6-1: tomorrow the two semifinals Casper Ruud takes the last available ticket for the semifinals of Atp Finals of Turin. The Norwegian defeats the number five of the tournament in a comeback Andrey […]

Inexpensive! 5 Android Smartphone Recommendations for Students

In a time of pandemic COVID-19, all activities carried out by students outside the home are temporarily carried out indoors, such as the teaching and learning process. Seeing this situation, as a student, you must have a smartphone with adequate specifications in order to concentrate on studying. For that, battery capacity, connectivity, and performance must […]

Msc Seashore, the spectacular arrival among the skyscrapers in Port Miami

The new flagship of MSC cruises: Seashore, immortalized in this video upon arrival in Port Miami, the main port of call in the world for cruise passengers, is the largest ship ever produced in Italy and also fulfills the role of ambassador of «Made in Italy »In the realm of cruises, between the Caribbean and […]

What look does each zodiac sign prefer?

PHOTOS | What look does each zodiac sign prefer? Don’t you know which look suits you best? It’s time to listen to the stars and let them guide you to know how to better express your personality. Our physical appearance and how we groom ourselves says a lot about our personality, and what better than […]

Regarding Provocation Messages on Social Media Containing an Invitation to Burn Police, Densus 88: We Are Alert

Illustration of the National Police Anti-terror Detachment 88 asking the public to be aware of invitations to burn the Resort Police circulating on social media. (Source: JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV- A screenshot of a Whatsapp group message containing provocations to fight the National Police Anti-terror Detachment 88 circulating on social media (Medsos). The message contained a […]

Handball. Caen achieves a great performance at Pontault-Combault

Through Aline Chatel Published on 19 Nov 21 at 23:26 Sport in Caen See my news Follow this media Mathias Créteau scored the winning goal at Pontault. (© AC / Sport in Caen) It was long overdue, it is all the more beautiful! Caen Handball clinched its first away win of the season on Friday, […]

Kamala Harris became the first woman to hold presidential power in the United States

The president was to undergo a colonoscopy on Friday and was put under anesthesia. The colonoscopy is part of a routine health check, according to the White House. Vice President Harris temporarily took over as president, while Biden was under anesthesia. For one hour and 25 minutes, Harris sat in the presidency, joining the first […]