Police investigate loud bang at home in De Pijp, possibly fireworks bomb

A very loud bang was heard tonight at the Govert Flinckstraat in De Pijp. Police suspect a fireworks bomb went off. – The bang was heard early in the evening. The police then cordoned off the area around a house. A team from the Forensic Investigation Department subsequently conducted an investigation. According to local residents, […]

Basketball LIVE at MagentaSport – easyCredit BBL: Berlin hospital clears: Eriksson with 19 points against MBC / “Solide” Bayern give Oldenburg no chance – Hamburg humiliates Göttingen

Munich (ots) – Bayern defy the constant stress and win 93:80 against Oldenburg. “We showed a very solid game,” said a delighted coach Andrea Trinchieri. Although the game was decided early on, the young players were only allowed to play very late. “Before I let someone on the court, they have to show me something […]

Tough races ahead for Democrats in 2022

Republicans are increasingly optimistic about taking office in key states in next year’s election races, fueled by President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, Democratic infighting in Congress, and better-than-expected results in elections. elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Democrats were already prepared for tough contests, but the unexpected defeat in Virginia and a close victory […]

‘close contact’ warning to pet owners from expert

In the past months, coronavirus was found in a deer for the first time in the USA; In the statement made by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), it was reported that the virus was seen in a white-tailed deer living in nature in the state of Ohio. “We do not know how the deer […]

Van Basten: “I think Ajax is still too small for that, but I could be wrong”

Ajax is praised to heaven after the matches against Borussia Dortmund, but Marco van Basten puts the brakes on. He doesn’t think that Ajax capable of winning the Champions League, which is now being shouted left and right. Van Basten gets a Rondo the question of whether Ajax can win the Champions League. “I think […]

Criticized Marvel film is doing well in cinemas | Movie

The proceeds of the film are remarkable. Eternals is the worst-rated Marvel movie in a long time. Critics around the world found the film, about a group of ancient heroes who reunite after thousands of years, remarkably dull for an action hero movie. The opening of Eternals is lower than that of other major Marvel […]

SPD Düsseldorf sees “fatal signal” in residential construction

Düsseldorf. There is still a lot of room for improvement in Dusseldorf, especially when it comes to social housing, says the SPD in Dusseldorf. She misses a consistent line. – Ejf Eýttfmepsgfs TQE jtu bmmft boefsf bmt {vgsjfefo nju efs Xpiovohtqpmjujl wpo Tdixbs {.Hsýo / Bluvfmmft Tusfjuuifnb; EFS Qmbovohtbvttdivtt) * BQT ibu hfsbef ejf Evsdigýisvoh […]