Pixbo won after the flight chaos | SVT Sport

Pixbo was scheduled to meet Dalen away in SSL 16.00. But in the air they found out that the plane could not land at Bromma airport and they were redirected to Arlanda. – We are sitting here and speculating, said the team’s head coach Thomas Andersson from Arlanda earlier in the afternoon. – We are […]

Doctor Expedition Robinson intervenes and sends candidate home | show

hungerOpinions were divided in the Jansen household. Was not voting on the Island Council a cliffhanger or an anticlimax? I liked the latter. The tension was carefully built up. With Jasmine and René on the beach, with scheming, with plans, a lot of uncertainty and the big question: who or who should leave? Loek, Jasmine […]

Spooky! The Biggest Explosion of the Sun’s Flare to Earth

Jakarta – The United States Space Agency (NASA) recorded the seconds sun flare biggest erupted from Sun on Thursday (28/10). The impact of the most powerful flare that threatens to Earth. Video captured by Solar Dynamics Orbiter belongs to NASA, as quoted from Space, shows a close-up view of the solar flare that erupted between […]

Football / Ligue 1. Wahbi Khazri, the gem that hurt FC Metz so badly

68 meters. We are not talking about a hammer throw from Quentin Bigot, but about the new record established Saturday night by Wahbi Khazri, author of the most distant goal recorded since the statisticians of Opta analyzed the figures of Ligue 1, in 2006 . The Saint-Étienne striker dethroned the Niçois David Hellebuyck (66 meters […]

Green light for Moderna vaccine for adolescents delayed in USA

The Moderna laboratory said on Sunday that US health authorities were delaying approval of its Covid-19 vaccine for adolescents, in order to give itself time to better assess the risks of myocarditis. Friday evening, the US drug agency FDA “has informed Moderna that it needs additional time to assess recent international post-vaccination myocarditis risk analysts,” […]

5 Fast and Natural High Cholesterol Lowering Drinks

loading… JAKARTA – Drink high cholesterol lowering which is fast and natural very much. This drink contains various types of compounds that can reduce levels of cholesterol or control it. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that the body uses to make cells and hormones. HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are two different types of cholesterol. […]