Strong geomagnetic storm could hit Earth this weekend

Alfredo Graça 1 hour ago 7 min Energetic particles can interfere with radio and satellite communications and overload the planet’s aurora borealis. A strong G3 class geomagnetic storm could occur this Saturday, October 30th, when coronal mass ejection (CME) from the solar eruption that occurred on Thursday, the 28th, type X1, reach Earth’s magnetic field. […]

​Zoya Amirin Warns Men To Use Saliva For Lubricants, Want To… – Sexologist Zoya Amirin gives a firm statement regarding using saliva to lubricate a woman’s sensitive area when playing love in bed. “I don’t recommend it because later the bacteria in the mouth can interfere with the good bacteria on the women’s side,” explained Zoya Amirin in a virtual discussion on Instagram @ovutest_id, Friday […]

Task Force urges not to close border in next crisis

WASHINGTON – A new report urges Canada and the United States to keep their shared border open when the next pandemic strikes, rather than shutting it off entirely to non-essential travel. The task force, convened by the Washington-based Wilson Center, said an approach to managing risk at the border would have been less disruptive and […]

Code of Candidate for TNI Commander Candidate from Jokowi Before Going Abroad

Jakarta – Code about Commander of the Armed Forces only seen when President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) left for Europe. Army Chief of Staff General Andika Perkasa participated in releasing Jokowi’s departure. Jokowi flew to Europe for a series of high-level meetings. Jokowi will attend the G20 Summit in Rome, COP26 in Glasgow and then continue […]

Julian Gamble, new Lenovo Tenerife player | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

Lenovo Tenerife has acquired the services of the American Julian Gamble. The new Canarian player, a 2.08 pivot, played the last two seasons at Virtus de Bolonia, where last season he averaged 9.4 points, 5.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists and a stopper at 19.7 minutes of average of which it had in the Italian Series To. […]

Know the weather forecast for the remainder of this Friday in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

Read transcript ♪announcer: these images werepresented by gorayeb, thepeople’s lawyers.Rafael: Now we talk about theweather conditions, thank youto those who in shinto throughof the is the rain coming,staten island and downtownnew jersey.go in these parts, therewe have flood alertcoastal. also little wings alwest metropolitan area.I’m going to show you the stormsPennsylvania and they come […]

Aloe Vera Gel Mixed with Honey has Super Benefits, Women Are Satisfied – Turmeric turns out to provide unexpected benefits when combined with ingredients face mask experience. This mask mixture can moisturize the skin, prevent bacterial infection, and stimulate the healing of acne scars. You can get the benefits by following these steps. 1. Prepare Aloe vera and wash until completely clean. READ ALSO: The Benefits […]

FIFA punishes Union Berlin during a duel with Feyenoord for racist behavior | Football

The European Football Association also obliges Union Berlin to display a cloth with the text “#NoToRacism” at the location of the closed stands. Fans of Union Berlin are said to have chanted anti-Semitic slogans at fans of opponent Maccabi Haifa on September 30. The Berlin police also decided to launch an investigation into a Union […]

British Queen Elizabeth II must rest for at least two more weeks

Exactly what the problem was has not been disclosed. The Queen then appeared to resume her usual duties, but in mid-October she did walk with a cane during a celebration at Westminster Cathedral in London. That’s not her habit. It was also informed that Elizabeth would not attend the Climate Summit that will start in […]