for Vlahovic there is a sensational exchange

The Juventus continues to closely monitor the market in search of opportunities to exploit. We told you today about how the technician Max Allegri is considering the sale of four players in the transfer session, either because of the poor performance, or because of the many physical problems, or because he simply does not consider […]

Alexander Chuck’s month talks about the poet / LR1 / / Latvian Radio

In the month of Alexander Chuck’s anniversary exhibition “From Alexander to Chuck” we discuss the poet and his events with Andris Konsti, founder of the Alexander Chuck Society, Antras Mednis, director of the poet’s memorial museum, Agita Ikauniec artist Christian Brecht. During the month of Alexander Chuck’s anniversary, the exhibition “From Alexander to Chuck” will […]

Apple releases iOS 15.0.2 for iPhones

During the night, Apple has started sending out a new update to all iPhones. It’s about the company starting to send out iOS 15.0.2 which contains one or two nice news, so to speak! It’s about fixing bugs in this update, something you can almost hear from the name. In previous versions of iOS, for […]

From Warsaw to Belgium – RegioJet will launch a new connection

The President of the Office of Rail Transport granted open access for passenger rail transport to the Czech RegioJet on the route from Warsaw East to the Belgian Ostend via Poznań, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels. Open Access was granted for the period from December 12, 2021 to December 12, 2026. The President […]

“I vomited blood …”: Fiji Ruiz suddenly hospitalized for 48 hours

Fiji Ruiz’s recent return to Dubai has not gone quite as planned. The former reality TV candidate turned influencer worried her Instagram community by revealing that she was in the hospital. And it was only this Monday, October 11, 2021 that she took the floor to tell what had happened. It all started with a […]

Anton Polyakov death: the people’s deputy, most likely, took methadone himself

Former head of the criminal intelligence department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Valeriy Kur, suggested that the substance methadone, which was found in the blood of the deceased MP Anton Polyakov, probably he used on his own. In addition, it is possible that the people’s deputy used it as substitution therapy. So, […]

New York equities: indices slide slightly into the red | news

Indices in this article — NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – Investors on Wall Street lost their initial courage on Monday. The most important stock indices lost their moderate gains in the course of trading and were recently slightly in the red. There are still concerns that the ongoing oil price rally could lead to energy bottlenecks […]