How labs got millions for corona tests they never…

© BELGA The eight university labs that have to analyze corona tests have seen their compensation significantly reduced. It turns out they haven’t been processing enough tests for the money they get for months. According to the labs and Minister Vandenbroucke, the compensation was so high to be able to switch quickly in the event […]

Can you still apply for help from the excluded worker fund in New York? | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

Read transcript cell phone here.of a lot.presenter: the background forexcluded workers who do notqualified for help for thepandemic starts to look shortin resources.many fear that thousands ofundocumented stay ifreceive a penny.adriana: lawyer lorena lucero,thanks for being with univisón.What did he pay with that money?lorena: yes what’s going onis that the need isseeing from the beginning […]

a 4 M € project and 20 jobs?

Zac du Kickelsberg, Renaissance era? Divided into plots classified as flood-prone, this land of great hopes for the agglomeration has regained its attractiveness in recent months: “We had a little trouble marketing these lands. But now, things are off to a good start, ”enthuses Bernard Veinnant, mayor of Basse-Ham and vice-president in charge of ecological […]

They are starting to fill the pipe of Nord Stream 2 – Markets

October 4, 2021 21:59 799 0 The Nord Stream 2 pipeline operator said it was starting to fill the pipeline with gas, BNR reported, noting that another step towards completing the project comes at a time when Europe is facing an energy crisis with low levels of natural gas reserves. and high electricity prices. After […]

7 Facts About Comet Hale-Bopp Last Seen in 1997

Comets are celestial bodies formed from the remains of the formation of the solar system. The materials that make up comets are dust, rock, and ice. These comets vary in size, ranging from a few kilometers to tens of kilometers in diameter. As it orbits the Sun, the comet burns up and emits a tail […]

Lawyer of regret optant Dejan Veljkovic predicts new boss

Will only 13 or 14 clubs play in the first division next football season? If it depends on Kris Luyckx, lawyer of ex-broker and regret optant Dejan Veljkovic, it does. “If the football association is consistent, certain clubs will have to be relegated,” says Luyckx. Get ready for another bomb in Belgian football. “The conclusion […]