Basketball. The Quimperoises, too diminished, give in to Rezé – basketball

NF3. EB Quimper Cornouaille – CSP Rezé: 57-69 The step was too high for the locals. Deprived of Ecolasse, Gaidier and Coré, they did not have sufficient assets to compete. Especially since they mortgaged their chances from the outset, to the regret of Thibaud Quémard. “The girls failed before the break. Defensively, they missed out. […]

▷ FW-F: Apartment fire on the 10th floor in a high-rise building in Niederursel

03.10.2021 – 22:27 Frankfurt am Main fire brigade Frankfurt am Main (ots) The volunteer fire brigade from Niederursel and the professional fire brigade were called to Gerhard-Hauptmann-Ring at 19:41, “Fire in a high-rise apartment building, people in danger”. Therefore, a correspondingly large contingent of rescue workers was sent to the site. After the arrival of […]

other movies with dangerous phone calls

Guilty (The Guilty) is one of Netflix’s cinematic plays for the end of the year. The Oscars are coming and the platform means present. In the story, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Joe Byler, a 911 call operator who must try to save a person who requires your help. The premise of Guilty is as simple as, […]

Does the Bundesliga need superstars to survive? Pros and cons

International revenues are falling, interest is falling: the Bundesliga success story has stalled badly. Are there only new superstars helping? This is what our editors mean. Elg: “Ha Elhlmilll sgo Dgmhmi Alkhm eäeilo ool Omalo.” Khl Lmsl hhd eo dlhola Lokl mo kll KBI-Dehlel hmoo Melhdlhmo Dlhblll ahllillslhil ha Hgeb mheäeilo. Lokl kld Kmelld shlk […]

Copa America: Chile breaks health bubble by bringing in a hairdresser and prostitutes

Chile’s football team, which is currently participating in the Copa America, is under fire for having broken the imposed health bubble. The Federation and the technical staff indicated on Sunday that there had indeed been a violation of the sanitary bubble of the delegation after the entry, according to her, unauthorized by a hairdresser who, […]

Wants to be a superhero, Indian teenager injects mercury into his body

loading… NEW DELHI – An original teenage boy India injects himself with Mercury, a deadly substance. This reckless act was done because he wanted to be like a superhero X-Men , his favorite character. The unusual case was written about in a report at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which revealed the injuries the […]

Don’t underestimate, here are 4 early symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

HARIANHALUAN.COM – Very dangerous indeed, what more according to the factors, disease diabetes mellitus type 2 is the opposite of diabetes mellitus type 1. In this type 2, there is absolute insulin deficiency due to destruction of the islet cells in the pancreas. Also Read: Soaring Again Positive Cases of Covid-19, DKI and East Java […]