Controversial New Pipeline Between Canada and United States Commissioned

Enbridge Group’s controversial new pipeline, dubbed “Line 3,” which will carry oil from western Canada to the northern United States, will come into service on Friday October 1 after years of construction. “We are delighted to see this project in our rearview mirror soon”Enbridge vice president Mike Fernandez told AFP on Wednesday, adding that “The […]

Poland sends SMS to migrants at the border: ‘Go back to Minsk!’ | Abroad

The text also states that the migrants run the risk of being locked up if they do cross the border, because it concerns illegal migration. Attached to the text message is a link to websites with explanations in Arabic, English, Russian and French about the Polish policy for illegal migrants. In recent months, thousands of […]

THE BALL – Tuchel’s lament in the defeat against Juventus (Chelsea)

Thomas Tuchel focused on Chelsea’s permissiveness to Juventus at a time that proved fatal to the game. “At this level we cannot concede an easy goal like the one that happened in the first moments of the second half. When you know what you count on and present defensive organization you are hardly punished. We […]

Many applications open in front of the Windows Store

Microsoft is very much preparing for Windows 11 and the openness seems to be not just verbal. It’s no secret that Microsoft promises to launch its new store in Windows 11, which will be available in Windows 10 later. More importantly, a lot of change can be expected, as the Redmond giant wants to be […]

US judiciary indicts six Swiss bankers

The US judiciary has brought charges against six bankers associated with the Zurich private bank Ihag. They are said to have helped US customers evade more than $ 60 million in taxes. (Archive image) The Zurich branch of the Liechtenstein asset management and consulting firm Allied Finance is also charged. The six defendants also included […]

Bundesliga »News» Another shock diagnosis for the Bundesliga

In 2019/20, the foreign marketing of the games of the German Bundesliga on TV should bring the House of Lords a record sum of 270 million euros, but the yield fell significantly due to the corona pandemic. Allegedly, there is still no improvement in sight. After the 2019/20 season brought in “only” 240 million euros […]