Pentagon recognizes “strategic failure” and “overestimates” the Afghan army

They did not go all the way, and everyone takes it for their rank. Pentagon leaders on Tuesday admitted errors in judgment that led to a “strategic failure” in Afghanistan, with the Taliban winning without a strike after 20 years of war. They explained in particular having “overestimated” the Afghan army, underestimating the corruption and […]

Paris attack victims speak out: ‘I cried in my son’s arms’

“It was very intense,” says correspondent Eveline Bijlsma, who was in court today. “You have all kinds of victims. There are people who have been injured, but also relatives, people whose whole lives are turned upside down and gendarmes who had to be on the scene.” The forgotten attack On the first day, victims of […]

Antibodies COVID-19 can still be measured in nasal fluid months after infection / News

People who have been infected with the corona virus still have antibodies in their nasal fluid months later. Researchers from Radboudumc in Nijmegen made this discovery. They conclude that by examining nasal fluids, the immune system against the virus can be closely monitored. A blood test is therefore not necessary per se. The scientists examined […]

Report from the match Paris Saint-Germain – Manchester City: statistics, report

Paris Saint-Germain took revenge for the last unpleasant experience with Manchester City and defeated him at home without much difficulty. After Gueye’s early blow, the Argentine “demigod” Lionel Messi finally made his mark in the second half. This was one of the ultimate fights every football fan wants to see. No matter where these clubs […]

It’s not easy to smash the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Zack Nelson put the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to the usual stress test on JerryRigEverything. Samsung has launched the collapsible mobile phone Galaxy Z Flip 3 at a reduced but still terribly high price compared to its predecessors. At the same time, the high purchase price does not stop customers, the device is said to […]

Lockdown Effect in Vietnam, RI Gets Abundance of Export Orders

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia gets an abundance of production orders from the impact of industrial lockdowns in major competitor countries such as Vietnam. The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) encourages export performance, especially from the industrial sector, to return to normal. One of them is by routinely monitoring the implementation of health protocols strictly in […]

vaccine disparities between minorities reduced in the United States

Vaccine disparities between minorities, strong in the United States at the start of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, have been eliminated, but those between political affiliations persist, according to a large poll published Tuesday, September 28. About 70% of black adults, 73% of Hispanics, and 71% of white adults have received at least one dose of […]