CIA made secret plans to kidnap or even kill Julian Assange

Several US officials and former CIA employees have confirmed that the CIA had concocted secret plans to kidnap or murder WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. It’s like a James Bond movie! Former director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, appeared to be keen to take down Julian Assange and take down WikiLeaks. And apparently, as far as […]

DIY Rose Water, Natural Skincare That Works to Prevent Premature Aging

Not just a symbol of love and romanticism, roses or flowers called Latin Rosa damascena It is also popular as one of the basic ingredients in the health and beauty industry. In fact, roses are also widely used as ingredients skincare you know. Did you know that rose water, which is known to be fragrant, […]

Superlega, UEFA cancels the proceedings against Barcelona, ​​Juve and Real

According to Nyon, this is a due but temporary act after the Madrid court order. And he plans to reopen the proceedings The disciplinary proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have been canceled (for the moment) by UEFA. It is the new chapter in the dramatic battle that splits football and since April has […]

Influencer Petra Hasarová has 400,000 followers, but her performance was pathetic –

Source: Petra Hasárová archive superstar – Tonight, viewers had the opportunity to watch another episode of the most successful singing show SuperStar. The next episode once again introduced the competitors from the casting rounds. Who will the jury consisting of Patricia Pagáčová (32), Monika Bagárová (27), Leoš Mareš (45), Pavol Habera (59) and Marián Čekovský […]

WhatsApp wants you to use its messaging service on 2 smartphones

WhatsApp is transforming its messaging service to give users new possibilities. These have always called for support for multiple devices at the same time, covering not just tablets and the desktop, but going to multiple smartphones. If the first part is already in testing and is likely to be released soon, the second was never […]

Utrecht restaurant WAKU WAKU refuses to close after regulation

Monday September 27, 2021, 11.35 pm – – – – UTRECHT – Restaurant WAKU WAKU was the scene of protests around the corona ticket tonight. Because the catering facility on the Vredenburg in the city center of Utrecht refuses to check QR codes at the door, the restaurant had to close today due to the […]

PHOTOS – Meghan Markle divine in New York: she multiplies tributes to Diana

This first appearance in New York of the Sussex couple since the birth of their daughter Lilibet Diana has not finished spilling ink. At each of her outings, Meghan Markle, divine, offers fans a parade of looks always perfectly mastered and multiplies the tributes to Diana. Each of his outfits is scrutinized. If the choice […]

“Love Island” 2021: These are the winners!

Exciting weeks full of flirtations and first expressions of love lie behind the singles “Love Island”. Also in this season of the dome show, the men and women in the villa initially struggled, but in the end some couples were able to find each other. ATTENTION SPOILERS! In the final, those who had been connected […]

The reality of Marco Fabian

Marco Fabian He boasts of having played in two World Cups, being part of the generation that was a medalist in London 2012, playing in Europe and in big teams in Liga MX. His last team was FC Juárez, but his poor performance caused him to leave and he is now without a team. While […]

Death in Taiji Bay: Japan hunts dolphins

Dolphin meat is still very popular in Taiji, but demand has increased in the rest of Japan in recent years greatly decreased. Many suppliers and processing companies have now had to close. Selling a live dolphin is now much more lucrative for its hunter: a dolphin killed for consumption brings around 430 euros, a dolphinarium […]