Hubble Telescope Discovers Surprising Facts in Space, There Are 6 Mysterious Dead Galaxies

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – In early 2021, the Hubble Telescope detected the presence of six galaxy known to have died mysteriously. This discovery surprised scientists who researched events space. No more galaxy The giant appears to have died during an active period of star birth in space. Quoting in the article entitled Hubble Telescope Surprises Scientists, […]

Extra concert Ed Sheeran on Saturday 23 July

© Geert Van de Velde British pop star Ed Sheeran will give an extra concert on Saturday 23 July. Ticket sales already started on Saturday morning for a first Belgian concert of his ‘+ – = ÷ x Tour’ (‘The Mathematics Tour’), ​​on Friday 22 July, but due to the high demand there will be […]

Galaxy M52 5G will please with a 120Hz display and an interesting price

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy M52 5G in silence in Poland. It is an upper middle class, which has a modern chipset with 5G support, a very fast display or a relatively large battery. So let’s imagine her. Samsung Galaxy M52 5G got a fast display and a solid chipset The front of this phone […]

Dutch corona app crashes due to cyber attacks, long queue…

That says a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). According to the spokeswoman, these DdoS attacks were taken into account in advance (distributed denial of service, red.), where people, usually cyber criminals, try to bring down websites by overloading them with internet traffic. “We can knock them off well,” said the […]

– It’s total chaos! – VG

ELDORADO: Long queues with many people characterize the cityscape and Torggata in Oslo. Photo: Tomm W. Christiansen OSLO CENTER (VG) There is a full party in several places in the country. – Had not expected so much chaos! Of Tomm W. Christiansen (photo) Published: Just updated – It’s total chaos. I do not know what […]

How to correct errors in the anticovid vaccination certificate? – The Sun of Mexico

Every day, more people are immunized against Covid-19; However, the list of places where demand to present the vaccination certificate, even within the country. This document has a QR code that allows real-time verification, that is, it is confirmed that the person has already been immunized and the date is specified, as well as the […]