Viral Stumbled into Got in Koja, Here’s Anies Baswedan’s Condition

Jakarta – Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan fell into a ditch while greeting residents Which, North Jakarta. The Head of the Jakut Health Department, Yudi Dimyati, said that Anies’ condition was fine. “There are no (wounds). Mr. (Anies) just walked normally, he was surprised when he entered his leg in a hurry raised, “said […]

New York Rangers vs. Colorado Avalanche – Buy and sell tickets

Seats Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021, 7:00 p.m. Sell ​​tickets– No tickets available Activate ticket alerts and get notified when a new ticket becomes available. — Sold No tickets have been sold yet. New York Rangers vs. Colorado Avalanche Tickets auf TicketSwap TicketSwap is the safest way to buy and sell tickets for New York Rangers […]

The Dark Story of 9/11 and the Distribution of US Money to Afghanistan

Jakarta – The United States was rocked by a terror attack, on September 11, 2001. The attack occurred because a plane belonging to a US airline was hijacked and there was a suicide attack. The attack had a negative impact on the US economy. The tragedy of 9/11 occurred when the World Trade Center (WTC) […]

Sunday horoscope: September 12 – – Horoscopes – Free time

Family day. Someone will decide to invite a wider family of relatives to the dinner table, someone will go to visit their own or connect and chat online. Fun and sincere. – Autumn is here and Taurus will realize that there is still a lot of homework to do: choose a wardrobe, put down or […]

Only 3 days. Xiaomi and POCO offer their phones at by far the lowest prices

Only three days Xiaomi offers special discounts on selected smartphones. From today to Monday, you can buy Xiaomi and POCO phones 20% cheaper – just enter the discount code below in the basket. With Mobil Poohnosti, in addition to the phones, you get a free extended warranty for 3 years. Xiaomi Days runs only in […]

OnLeaks shares renders unannounced OnePlus Buds Z2 – Image and sound – News

The well-known leaker OnLeaks shares renders of the as yet unannounced OnePlus Buds Z2 in-ear earphones. The images would be based on photos of the actual product. OnePlus will reportedly release the wireless earbuds in October. From the renders turns out that the OnePlus Buds Z2 in-ear headphones are very similar in design to the […]