Rudova showed a rare shot with her father

Larisa Grechikhina The actress shared the picture in her personal microblog. Natalia Rudova. Photo: Global Look Press – Natalia Rudova’s career took off in the early 2000s, when the future actress came to Moscow from Ivanovo. Natalya moved to the “city of brides” a few years earlier from Kazakhstan’s Aktau. It was there that her […]

New MagSafe appears, indicating that the iPhone 13 series is close

It looks like a new MagSafe has surfaced in Apple’s home country. This indicates that the manufacturer will show a new one at the same time as showing the new iPhone 13 series to the world! It is still unclear how this charger will be better compared to its predecessor, but it is rumored that […]

August Foreign Exchange Reserves USD 144.8 B, Faisal Basri: Highest in History

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Reserve position foreign exchange Indonesia at the end of August 2021 was recorded at US$ 144.8 billion, an increase compared to the position at the end of July 2021 of US$ 137.3 billion. “The highest foreign exchange reserves in history will be at the end of August 2021. The rupiah exchange rate […]

Business lobbies want Japan to be reopened to foreigners

Many Asian countries like Japan have cut themselves off from long-haul travelers, but also from neighboring countries. © StreetVJ / – the Keidanren, the very powerful and normally influential Federation of Japanese Businesses, sounded the alarm on Monday, September 6. The Japanese economy is weakening faster than it seems due to the isolation of […]

Liquid Hair: This new trend promises shiny hair

It’s a trend that is constantly evolving. In 2018 the hairstyle called “GlassHair” could already be seen everywhere. Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber .. Many stars and starlets have flaunted this short, sleek and silky bob. Volumeless, almost geometric, this haircut was characterized by its glossy effect. A trend through the ages A few […]

Sneaker Company Announces Details of IPO

The Zurich company On, in which Roger Federer also has a stake, plans to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange soon. The sports shoe manufacturer hopes to raise new capital of up to $ 622 million. — – Thanks to its partner and prominent advertising medium Roger Federer, On was already represented […]

Bitcoin September 7, 2021 – Bloodshed and amazement

As opposed to $ 60,000 – Bitcoin (BTC) flirts briefly with $ 43,000, as the past few days raised hopes of a boost to levels near $ 60,000. The crash took the markets by surprise, the explanations coming from traders and analysts mostly look like accusations at the moment. The daily Bitcoin price (BTC) is […]

NABU will deal with the money of the “Big Construction”

Photo: Office of the President NABU will check the use of funds in the framework of the “Big Construction” – – The President previously announced the construction of about 1,000 facilities under the Big Construction program during 2021-2022. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) will inspect the use of public funds in the implementation of the […]

Guinea. The putschists free dozens of detainees from the previous regime

The putschists who overthrew the Guinean President Alpha Condé released on Tuesday a first group of dozens of opponents of the ousted regime, on the eve of a summit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on the Guinea. The soldiers led by the Chief of Special Forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya also insisted […]