CDA reconciliation attempt with Omtzigt seems hopeless

A group of CDA members will argue this weekend at the party congress that the party should make an attempt at reconciliation with Pieter Omtzigt. But that seems unlikely. Omtzigt has indicated to the party top that the book is closed for him, sources report news hour. So Omtzigt would really not want to go […]

▷ POL-PPTR: Telephone fraudsters are active again

06.09.2021 – 13:43 Police headquarters in Trier Trier (ots) An 87-year-old woman from Trier was recently called by fraudsters. The young caller pretended to be a police officer. He said the prosecution was investigating the lady for criminal activity through online banking. During the phone conversation, he asked for the balance and asked her to […]

Video: My job is to teach in a Simulation Hospital

Technology in medicine has become a necessary and essential tool to move towards better quality and more democratic health. Thanks to it, planning tasks are made easier and treatment results are more predictable and safe. In addition to that, technology in medical education has brought countless benefits. One of them is being able to practice […]

House of Music by CoopHimmelblau of concrete steel and aluminum

A school and a concert hall have been combined and made with steel, concrete and aluminum. Its open form favors the exchange between the public and the artists, the students and the teachers. In front of a fjord stands the House of Music designed by CoopHimmelb (l) au and Wolf D. Prix & Partner ZT […]

this is the double life of this famous influencer

After being arrested a second time, she is in jail awaiting her sentence Last update.06-09-2021 | 07:00 H — The day Lorraine Cutier Bauer Tomeriro was arrested, her followers couldn’t help but put their hands to their heads. They never imagined that this popular influence 19 years could be involved in a problem with similar […]

Russia’s opposition candidate will fight two doubles in the election

“It’s a political fraud,” Vishnevsky, 65, of the Liberal Party, Jabloko, told AFP. “These people are running in elections not to be elected or to represent their political program, but to confuse voters. They have not only changed their names, but also their appearance,” Vishevsky said. Russia will hold elections from 17 to 19 September, […]

The Worst Sea Water Rise in Tropical Countries Like Indonesia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Scientists predict that sea ​​level rise Extremes along coastlines around the world will occur 100 times more frequently by the end of the century, especially in tropical regions such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Philippines and Indonesia. This is based on a study conducted by Professor Roshanka Ranasinghe from IHE Delft […]