Worked to death? Czechs are more at work than most of the EU

The 15-year-old Czech has on average exactly 36 years of working life ahead of him. Working life is the time for which he will be active in the labor market – that is, he will be either employed or unemployed (that is, he will be actively looking for a job). Thus, years of study, years […]

12 curious facts about the Statue of Liberty

From TRAVELBOOK | August 03, 2021, 3:48 p.m. “Lady Liberty” is one of the most famous statues in the world. More than 130 years ago, on October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was inaugurated in New York Harbor. TRAVELBOOK has collected 12 curious facts about the green lady with the torch in hand. As […]

“The Secret Life of Trees” at 3sat

Do trees breastfeed their offspring? And can you compare planted forests with factory farming? Peter Wohlleben does it – and has thus advanced to “Germany’s most famous forester”. Berlin – They are detailed shots of seeds falling from cones. Of acorns that tumble on the ground and sprout. The leaves unfold on the young shoots […]

New York Fashion Week takes place on Fifth Avenue

Translated by Paul Kaplan Published on Jul 15, 2021 New York Fashion Week takes over a new location in September. The Fifth Avenue Association will host NYFW parades and events in a new three-story venue. New York Fashion Week takes place on Fifth Avenue – Fifth Avenue Located at 608 Fifth Avenue, the place will […]

ISIS Threat Makes Uncle Sam Quickly Evacuate in Afghanistan

Jakarta – The United States (US) talks about the threat of the ISIS group when the evacuation is carried out from Afghanistan. The threat also made Uncle Sam’s country speed up the evacuation process. The threat from ISIS was revealed by US President Joe Biden. Biden called for the evacuation to be completed immediately due […]

Cured meats are linked to salmonella in multiple states

People who got sick reported eating salami, prosciutto and other tasty meats found in an appetizer or charcuterie range before getting sick. “Researchers are working to identify specific contaminated products and determine whether outbreaks of the two diseases are related to the same food source,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The […]

Correa-Day, the first day in Milan for the new Inter forward

The now former Lazio striker is the protagonist of this day. Tomorrow he is expected in Appiano Gentile Busy day for Joaquin Correa, who once obtained the green light from Lazio boarded a Rome-Milan flight and landed at Linate airport at 5.30 pm. Then medical examinations at Humanitas and sports fitness at Coni, and then […]