Delta strain makes it impossible for herd immunity to emerge from COVID-19 – expert

In his opinion, the COVID-19 immunization campaign should not be built around the idea of ​​achieving herd immunity. The “Delta” strain “will continue to infect people who have been vaccinated, and this really means that anyone who has not yet been vaccinated can contract the virus at any time,” Pollard said. According to him, while […]

Hasan with Genjer Chasing the Morning

VIVA – The cold night air seemed to pierce, a sign that the night had made people fall asleep. In a market, in the blind night an old man was seen sleeping on the overhang of the shop. While waiting for a buyer, the old man let his wares lie on the sidewalk with a […]

Sergio Conceição accident without consequences – FC Porto

10 August 2021 – 23:49 Video running on social media was filmed a week ago Sérgio Conceição did not suffer any consequences from the slight road accident, whose video has been shared this Tuesday on social networks. Also according to what we were able to ascertain, the accident took place roughly a week ago, but […]

Actor Alfred Molina married director Jennifer Lee

One of the photos shows 68-year-old Molina letting go of her tears as she watches as his chosen one approaches the altar. Actor Alfred Molina (“Maverick”, “Boogie Nights”, “Chocolate”, “Leonardo’s Code”) married director Jennifer Lee (“Frozen Kingdom”) after a relationship that lasted more than two years, the Daily Mail writes. “. Forty-nine-year-old Lee personally announced […]

Lamborghini has officially confirmed the return of the Countach model

One of the most famous super sports cars in history is returning to the scene after fifty years. – Not so long ago, speculation about the rebirth of the Lamborghini Countach began to spread on the Internet. The carmaker itself did not comment on them for a long time, but recently published a 20-second video […]

Bukalapak Stock Journey

Jakarta – The fuel for PT’s stock to skyrocket seems to have run out. Today the stock coded as BUKA has actually dropped to the bottom auto reject level (ARB) after the first day of the IPO it has risen to a standstill. Launching RTI data, Tuesday (10/8/2021), BUKA’s stock today recorded a decrease […]

opening of the trial of R. Kelly, with the selection of jurors

In pre-trial detention in a federal prison in Brooklyn, the singer must notably be tried for extortion, sexual exploitation of a minor, kidnapping, corruption and forced labor. The trial of fallen R&B star R. Kelly, sued in multiple cases for multiple sexual abuse, began Monday with jury selection in federal court in Brooklyn. The 54-year-old […]

The anti-vaccines protest against the BBC but they are wrong of the building

– Anti-vaccine protest in London. / Reuters – The movement that flies the flag of individual freedom includes members who struggled with police officers – Dozens of protesters against vaccination certificates and adolescent inoculation tried on Monday to enter the headquarters of the BBC, the British public broadcaster, and struggled at the access door with […]

Fire: the incredible video of an arsonist who starts a forest fire

The scene takes place in Italy. Thanks to cameras installed at strategic places, the authorities were able to stop an arsonist who had just lit a fire. In the images, we can observe a man deliberately starting a fire in the middle of nature. It’s a video posted on social media by the military. In […]