‘We also understand that people no longer have the receipt’

July 21, 2021 Today at 21:09 – Insurers drive buses to customers in flood areas to quickly prepare their claims files. Many victims of the floods discover that their household effects are not insured. “I really thought I was insured.” – After the flood in our country, insurers have already opened thousands of files. Yet […]

Cristiano Ronaldo montre sa Rolls Royce 2021 EWB

Cristiano Ronaldo et sa Rolls Royce – Portuguese international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo continues to dominate the automotive world after acquiring another very expensive exotic car. The Seleçao captain was spotted with an all-new Rolls Royce Sedan Phantom EWB 2021. The market price for the luxury car is $ 1.1 million and being one of the […]

Véran accuses the opposition of prolonging the debates in the Assembly

The protests were strong in the National Assembly, this Wednesday, during the opening of the debates in the hemicycle on the bill which should extend the health pass and impose compulsory vaccination on caregivers. The government’s controversial health bill, which began consideration on Wednesday, has sparked fierce challenges in the National Assembly. Olivier Véran, present […]

A Russian court is extending the house arrest of a spokesman for Navalny

Russia is trying to silence the opposition completely before the State Duma elections in the autumn, and most of Navalny’s closest collaborators have already left or are threatened with prosecution. Jarmusha has been accused of violating quarantine regulations in connection with the demonstrations in support of Navalny and has been under house arrest since February. […]

5 Simple Ways to Increase Fiber Intake to Strengthen Immune

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Fiber is an important nutrient for the body. Research has shown that a high-fiber diet can improve heart health, relieve GI problems, and improve the appearance of your skin. According to Joanne Slavin, a professor of food science and nutrition at the University of Minnesota, high-fiber foods also provide good bacteria […]