“Crazier than before” SHOW El Intransigente

– Alex Caniggia has caused a furor in its passage through “MasterChef Celebrity 2”. However, his abrupt exit from the reality show of Telefe left his fans with many questions. Despite the fact that many testimonies have been given about what happened, his departure still resonates. But the cooking contest is not the only show […]

the very bad gesture of Gabriel Jesus, expelled with Brazil

Brazil beat Chile (1-0) this Saturday and qualified for the semi-finals of the Copa America. The Seleçao got scared and even finished the match at ten after the logical expulsion of Gabriel Jesus for a kick in the face of an opponent. Gabriel Jesus gave everything to help Brazil beat Chile this Saturday in the […]

Make Enemies Shrunken, Russian Fighter Jets Bomb Warships in the Black Sea

loading… MOSCOW – Warplanes Russia practice bombing enemy warships in the Black Sea during military exercises. The Russian government’s remarks come amid friction with the West over NATO exercises in the region and after recent incidents with British warships. Moscow last week challenged the warship HMS Defender crossing waters near Crimea, something Britain has said […]

Government extends state of emergency; modify curfew

The Dominican Government announced this Saturday the extension of the state of emergency for 45 days and the modification of the current curfew, while informing that it is considered lifting the same in the demarcations where 70% of the population has the second dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus, “without prejudice to the maintenance […]

Huawei statement from Qualcomm CEO! Apple has also been mentioned

Qualcomm’s CEO, Cristiano Amon, is officially inaugurated. Thus, the new CEO of the chip manufacturer gave his first interview. In his first interview, Amon said both from Qualcomm, where he took on a big task, and Huawei and he mentioned Apple. HE MENTIONED THE SPACE LEFT BY HUAWEI According to Gizchina’s report, Cristiano Amon has […]