In the European Union, covid passports began to be valid. Czechs can use two applications

The season of summer holidays is approaching and with it traveling abroad. The covid passport is intended to ensure smooth movement between European countries. This is a certificate that reveals everything needed about the infectivity of its owner. From Thursday, only one thing is enough for Czechs. Download the application Tečkawhich they can prove not […]

Škoda Auto stopped assembling the Octavia due to a lack of parts

“This is the first time that only a purely electric car has been produced on the assembly line at Škoda Auto,” the trade unionists write in Thursday’s issue of the company weekly Škodovácký odborář. Behind the sentence that gives the impression of success, there is in fact a statement of the deep crisis in which […]

Super fan – fraudsters want to cash in with Luca Loutenbach’s fake account

PublishedJuly 1, 2021, 6:40 pm Loutenbach became world famous after the historic victory against France. Now an impostor is also trying to capitalize on his fame. 1 / 5 The fraudster set up a fake account under the name “luca.loutenbach”. Instagram Loutenbach became world famous after the cameras filmed him shortly before and shortly after […]

Clemson punches Vanessa to lead NASA space center in Houston

Vanessa Weiss, a Clemson University alumnus as a staff member at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, said in a statement from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The company said the South Carolina native was the first black woman to lead NASA’s space center. He has worked at NASA since 1989. Weiss’s main […]

House of Representatives in favor of recognizing IS crimes against Yazidis as genocide

The House of Representatives overwhelmingly supports the CDA motion that declares that the terrorist organization IS has committed genocide against the Yazidi population and has committed crimes against humanity. The motion will be voted on next Tuesday. The genocide has not yet been recognized by the United Nations Security Council or an international court. A […]

United States – The Bidens bring “solace” to Surfside, Florida

PostedJuly 1, 2021, 16:58 Joe and Jill Biden met with the families of the victims and missing on Thursday after a building collapsed a week ago. If the presidential couple did not go directly to the site, they stopped by an improvised wall of remembrance on a metal fence, covered with photos of victims and […]

Donald Rumsfeld who invaded Iraq dies, this is the reaction of the Iraqi people

loading… BAGHDAD – Iraqis responded with a mixture of bitterness and indifference to the death of Donald Rumsfeld, the former US defense secretary who was the architect of the 2003 invasion of the Middle Eastern country. “I am not saddened by the death of an occupier,” said Saad Jabbar, an employee of Iraq’s Ministry of […]

According to the WHO, those who work too much risk having a stroke or even die

Those lucky enough to work often do not do it in idyllic conditions. There are those who carry out their work in precarious conditions, both economically and in terms of safety.And there are those who work too many hours a day without even being paid as they should.This involves enormous psycho-physical stress which then affects […]

EURO 2021 | Danish coach Hjulmand ranks Schick among the most talented footballers in Europe

Coach Danish footballer Kasper Hjulmand highlighted the team and individual strength of the Czech national team, with which his charges will play Saturday’s quarterfinals of the European Championship in Baku. He considers forward Patrik Schick, who scored four goals at this year’s championship, to be one of the most talented European players. Danish coach Kasper […]

For money from Columba, the matador of Czech dubbing traveled through America

As a Merlot policeman from the Saint-Tropez Gendarmes series, he also dubbed, for example, the legendary František Filipovský. Game fans can then remember the legendary Czech game Mafia and the character of Frank Colletti, whom Klapka edited again in last year’s remaster of this game. How he remembers many years in the industry and how […]