Bernried – purchase contract is still in the Vatican – Starnberg

With a volume of almost 17 million euros, the budget of the municipality of Bernried is two million euros higher this year than in previous years. Larger investments are imminent for the purchase of the monastery with the conversion of the garden room into a day nursery and the purchase of 13 senior citizens’ apartments […]

They warn the presence of a storm in Linares

Monterrey.- Currently in the municipality of Linares there is the presence of a strong storm with a moderate risk of downburst (moderate to strong wind), as well as moderate to locally severe hail fall. The radar image indicates the presence of small hail of up to 15-25mm in said municipality in the Santa Rosa, La […]

Arizona State University Museum of Art

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Goodbye Cristiano Ronaldo! The networks celebrate the elimination of Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the most mediatic players in the world and any ‘disqualification’ or bad moment does not go unnoticed. Now in the present Euro 2020 could not do much to prevent the removal of Portugal at the hands of Belgium. In the process of the game, the Portuguese offense looked inoperative […]

United States: outbreak of legionellosis in a building …

To the United States, a home of legionellosis affected residents of an apartment complex (Rosemont Court) for people aged 55 and over in the city of Portland in L’Oregon. As of January 2021, at least 13 residents have been diagnosed positive for the bacteria Legionella, 3 were hospitalized and a 74-year-old patient died on January […]

– Has pushed himself into a corner – VG

VACCINE SHOPPING: Vaccination centers have been set up at several shopping centers in Moscow. Here, people are queuing up to get vaccinated in the department store GUM on Friday. Russian authorities are taking drastic action to ensure that the population is vaccinated. In several regions, it is now mandatory for workers in several sectors to […]

7 Safe Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure Before Covid-19 Vaccine

To pass the Covid-19 vaccine, a health check is to have blood pressure not more than 180/100 at the time of screening. SERAMBINEWS.COM – Injecting vaccines to anticipate COVID-19 is being intensively carried out. All groups are encouraged to get a vaccine to break the chain of corona virus or covid-19. Well, if there are […]

Singer Wes, known for world hit ‘Alane’, passed away

Cameroonian singer Wes Madiko has died at the age of 57 in Alençon, France. Under his stage name Wes, Madiko became world famous in 1997 with the song ‘Alane’. It was Madiko’s family who announced the news on social media that the singer had died in the night from Friday to Saturday. The singer had […]