Dear IndiHome & First Media, Prepare to Face PLN & Jasa Marga!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk through its subsidiary PT Jasa Marga Related Business (JMRB) has started to engage in the internet business. Jasa Marga builds fiber optic network infrastructure for internet data in Java. Currently there are SOE internet services such as Telkom’s IndiHome and PLN’s Iconnet. Meanwhile, from the private […]

In Lviv region, a five-seater car with six people overturned, there are dead

The accident occurred on the Lvov-Mukachevo highway between the villages of Lany and Khodorkivtsi. “As previously established by law enforcement officers, the driver of the Ford car, a 41-year-old resident of the city of Zolochev, lost control, as a result of which the car turned over,” the message says. According to law enforcement officers, the […]

INTERVIEW. For Dominique Bussereau, the Departments “are ready to do more things”

Dominique Bussereau, President of the Assembly of Departments of France, analyzes the ballot departmental elections. He estimates that “For the departmental, we are not fed up with existing teams”. This strong abstention, how do you explain it? In some municipalities, candidates or mayors beat the drum well and raised the participation to more than 40%. […]

Euro 2020, Copa America and best-of Parc des Princes

A Sunday day focused on international matches. With Brazil facing Ecuador (1-1, see summary here) for the Copa America, the Netherlands facing Czech Republic (0-2, video summary here) and Belgium opposing Portugal ( 1-0, video summarized here) in the context of the round of 16 of Euro 2020, the players of Paris Saint-Germain were on […]

Portugal’s national team, led by Cristiano, sets a record despite being eliminated by Belgium from the 2020 European Cup : Okezone Bola

SEVILLA – Portugal National Team (National Team) led Cristiano Ronaldo set a record despite being eliminated by Belgium after losing in the round of 16 Euro 2020. Portugal lost 1-0 while playing at the Olympic Stadium in Sevilla, Spain, Monday (28/6/2021). Cristiano Ronaldo almost brought Portugal ahead midway through the first half. Unfortunately, the execution […]

Nikkie Plessen tells us: you have to buy these shorts

A long story short Nikkie Plessen tells us: you have to buy these shorts The sparrows are already falling from the roofs in large numbers, but even when it rains it can actually be quite nice: this year the normal shorts are back and have never been away. Where last summer it was all about […]

5 reasons for the possible failure of Windows 11 announced

A few days ago, Microsoft held an event to announce the Windows 11 operating system. A lot of interesting things are already known about the new platform. Some people like Windows 11, while others see it as a flop. A user of the site for computer enthusiasts, Overclockers, gathered in one place and shared his […]