Apeldoorn fire brigade removes front of car to rescue young cat | Inland

At around 6:45 PM, the fire department received a report that a six-month-old kitten had crawled under the hood of a car and could not get out. The firefighters had to remove the grille from the car and the kitten was quickly released from its predicament. The cat named Mowgli has been confined for about […]

Argenteuil, Cergy, Sarcelles black magic and healer

Master Alex, seeing black magic voodoo marabout and healer Val d’Oise 95: Argenteuil, Cergy, Sarcelles, offers a solution adapted to each person’s personal problems because he listens to you carefully and calls on specific powers. Contrary to popular belief, before being Haitian, voodoo was African. And it is still today in Africa that the most […]

In the United States, people vaccinated can say goodbye to masks

Take off the masks! – Martin Lee/REX/REX/SIPA Take off the masks! Americans vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks, health officials said on Thursday, announcing to update their recommendations. “Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, small or large, without wearing a mask or respecting physical distancing,” said […]

Fuss in Room about ‘corona group’ FvD leader Baudet and ignore rules

This wine tasting prompted D66 MP Paternotte in this evening’s debate to express his resentment about Forum employees and MPs who walk around without masks and come too close to Chamber staff. He made an urgent appeal to the party to adhere to the corona rules. “If you don’t have any symptoms, you can still […]

Nyusha dressed her daughter in a loose-fitting dress with ruffles and unicorns

Julia Todorovich The singer boasted of the stylish outfit of her heiress. Nyusha with her daughter. Photo: instagram.com/nyusha_nyusha/ Nyusha is a popular singer. She has been performing on stage since a young age. By the way, few people know that her father Vladislav Shurochkin was a member of the Laskoviy May musical group. It was […]

Sony DualSense controller for PS5 in two new colors

Sony is releasing the DualSense controller in the colors Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. The new PlayStation 5 controllers will be available from June 2021. Although the Sony PlayStation 5 was released half a year ago, the game console has been very difficult to obtain since its release. The company recently announced that it will […]

He no longer accepts bitcoin payments for Tesla sales

UPDATE Black day on the cryptocurrency market after Tesla’s announcement on bitcoin Elon Musk’s announcement that he no longer accepts bitcoin as a form of payment for Tesla made a dent in the cryptocurrency market in just a few hours. Thus, at 04.00 (Romanian time), bitcoin registered an increase of over 13%, up to 49,600 […]