The hunters of Montauban and Albias fight over the district of Fonneuve

the essential The Fonneuve district located in the town of Montauban has been under the bosom of the Albias hunting association since 1968. A situation denounced today by Montalbanese hunters who want to reclaim “their” territory. There is no oil deposit, let alone a diamond mine. Yet the Fonneuve district located north of Montauban is […]

“It is a very delicate subject” SHOW El Intransigente

Finally he broke the silence and decided to tell it. The China Suarez She returned to our country in recent days, after having stayed in Miami with her two youngest children, Magnolia and Amancio. It was Gonzalo Vazquez, the chronicler of «Intruders«, Who went to look for her at the airport to talk about various […]

Shock! The assassin Nikita is unrecognizable at the age of 51. PHOTOS

Do you remember the beautiful Nikita, who conquered men’s hearts in the series of the same name? Today she is 51 years old and we must admit that she has changed a lot, she writes Peta Wilson, who plays the blonde, was born in 1970 in Sydney. Initially, she began her career as a […]

Five reasons: Why Växjö wins Swedish Championship gold in ice hockey 2021

Sam Hallam The Växjö coach has been synonymous with the club’s success. He has led the team to all three of the club’s gold medals during his nine years as coach, that says it all. Despite two less successful years, the team rose again this year to a series victory. Then it went like the […]

Tom Cruise gives away three Golden Globes. Hollywood is falling apart?

The information that Cruise will return the trophies as the first reported by the portal “Deadline”. The information was also confirmed by “Variety”. Let us remind you that the actor was nominated for the Golden Globes seven times. He won three statuettes – in 1990 for his role in “Born on July 4”, in 1997 […]

What does Jeffrey Epstein have to do with the ‘sudden’ divorce …

In 2013, an enraged Melinda had warned Bill to stay away from Epstein. He did. But it seems that he did not tell everything about the many previous encounters, including the flight with the “Lolita Express”. — ©  ISOPIX It had to be a “clean” divorce, between Bill and Melinda Gates. But not even a […]

Amazon rolls out hand-recognition payment service in New York

Palm recognition payment technology pioneered by Amazon arrives in New York City. Until then, technology was only available in Washington state, in Amazon Go, Amazon Books or Whole Foods stores (acquired by the American giant in 2017). It now extends to a boutique Amazon Go based in New York City, at the intersection of 11 […]

In a desperate condition: popular «Gwagglibrugg» needs to be renovated

Wettingen/Neuenhof In a desperate condition: popular «Gwagglibrugg» needs to be renovated The condition of the Paul Fischer Bridge, which belongs to Wettingen and Neuenhof, is questionable. That is why the oldest existing wire rope bridge in Switzerland will be refurbished this year – and is also to be placed under monument protection. Built in 1863, […]