Johann Christoph Spiess – Wikipedia

Johann Christoph Spiess, also Johann Christoph Spieß, (Born August 26, 1771 in Dillenburg, † September 30, 1829 in Frankfurt am Main) was a German Reformed pastor and consistorial councilor in Frankfurt am Main. Spiess attended the Dillenburg high school and studied theology at the Herborn High School from 1788. After graduating, he became a pastor […]

The Unholy – Jeffrey Dean Morgan against evil: Soon in German cinemas

When things get scary in the cinemas, it is very likely that Sam Raimi or one of his partners is behind it. It has been standing for forty years dance of the Devil-Creator for the macabre and the remote, the terrifying or the repulsive. The filmmaker is rarely seen in the director’s chair these days, […]

Mbappé melts on Haaland in the scorers’ standings

PSG star Kylian Mbappé scored points in his distance duel with the other prodigy of the new generation, Dortmund striker Erling Haaland. The day after the Norwegian’s defeat without scoring a goal against Manchester City (2-1), the French world champion scored twice against defending Champions League defending Bayern Munich, beaten 3-2 in quarter-final first leg […]

“You are a woman, you have nothing to say to me”

Meissen / Radebeul. It happens that defendants misbehave in court. But there is seldom such a cheeky, brazen, disrespectful, impudent, uncouth defendant like the 24-year-old Radebeuler. Especially the misogyny of the German, who looks southern and has an Arabic surname, is terrifying. That is why he is sitting in court, among other things. The fact […]

Leon faces Toronto, minute by minute monitoring …

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Sand did the harakiri. Lion started its journey in the Concachampions 21 with a bittersweet flavor after drawing 1-1 against the Toronto FC. The Liga MX champion missed several, they annulled a couple of goals and to grind things down, the equalizer goal came after an own goal by Andres Mosquera. […]

The most unexpected rookies of the top 10 – Marseille News

– Like every Wednesday, the NBA updated its list of Recruits, the one who still leads number 1 in the 2020 draft, Anthony Edwards. But beyond that solid away lead from the Minnesota Timberwolves, we welcome a number of more than interesting names in the top 10 and quite unexpected this part of the season. […]

Freiburg: Ice hockey breaking news: EHC Freiburg reports that the DEL2 main round will be ended with immediate effect – the quotient rule applies to the final table

The shareholders of the German Ice Hockey League 2 (DEL2) have agreed by unanimous decision to end the current main round with effect from April 8th. Due to the current corona situation in the DEL2 game operations with several positive Covid cases and officially ordered quarantines, those responsible saw this as the best solution for […]

Richard Sutton was murdered – details of the murder of a millionaire

On April 7, 83-year-old millionaire Richard Sutton was found dead in Dorset County, UK. how writes Sky News, he was killed in an attack on his own home. His 60-year-old wife was also injured. The attacker stabbed her and she is in critical condition at a Bristol hospital. Sutton was one of the richest men […]

Bad Astronomy | The Muon experiment demonstrated new physics

The muon does not rotate as predicted by the best physical models. Why not? This could be due to completely unknown subatomic particles popping in and out of the quantum foam’s existence. This is not some kind of science fiction technology. This is from the results of a real experimentAnd the universe may tell us […]