These are the most popular football clubs on the planet

Football, or soccer as it is better known in North American circles, is something that truly unites the world. It has achieved global popularity in a way that no other sport has managed to achieve, and when an event like the World Cup comes around, people tune in from every nation and the viewing figures […]

NATO pilots had a hard day. Russian planes triggered 10 alarms a day

An unusually numerous incident occurred on Monday near the Alliance’s area in the North and Baltic Seas, in the North Atlantic and on the other side of Europe by the Black Sea. NATO reported the following day, the BBC writes. At the same time, Moscow recently accused NATO of following a “path of confrontation.” Russia […]

Virologists: ‘Nice weather has an oppressive effect on the virus’ | Inland

The beautiful spring day made a group of friends from Rotterdam decide to have a BBQ right away in the Vroesenpark in Rotterdam. Ⓒ Roel Dijkstra Amsterdam – Now that the weather is nice, we see the groups forming around the barbecue in the open air. But how irresponsible is that really in connection with […]

Harder ruined for Syrstad Engen and the old club again – VG

(Wolfsburg – Chelsea 0-3, 1-5 overall) It is up to you to have it … Former Wolfsburg player Pernilla Harder (28) sent Ingrid Syrstad Engen and the Germans out of the Champions League. Published: Just updated The Danish striker, who became the world’s most expensive female player when she went to Chelsea this autumn after […]

Tita stunned Rachkov with her breasts and … fake singing VIDEO

Tita’s chest was so stunned by Rachkov that he fell into total euphoria during the next edition of “Rachkov’s Forbidden Show”, broadcast every Sunday on Nova TV, writes The topic this time was “For or against silicone”, and as we know, the blonde teen sensation has one of the most impressive natural breasts. To […]

World’s tallest model cosplays Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

This is perhaps the closest we will have to a Lady Dimitrescu in real life: the model Ekaterina Lisina, of 2.05 m, cosplayed the villain of Resident Evil Village. A former player in the Russian basketball team, the model won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics before retiring and changing careers. Certified by the […]

Deactivated a network that scammed from Alicante throughout Spain with fake fast credit website

From Alicante, the organization operated throughout Spain and, in fact, victims have been located in the provinces of Alicante, Albacete, Barcelona, ​​Castellón, Cuenca, Madrid, Murcia, Tarragona and Valencia, although the Civil Guard continues with the investigations into In order to find more affected, since it is expected that there will be many more, as reported […]

The local railway extension is finally starting

It took exactly 40 years before the only sensible transport solution project for Salzburg finally came about, the local railway extension, the “S-Link”. In view of the many preventers, bankruptcy accelerators, traffic jam fetishists who are raving about the collapse of the traffic, it is astonishing: “We barely wait 40 years, it comes.” Salzburg suffocates […]