Employees 100% tired of teleworking

A new health protocol enters into force Thursday January 7th. In particular, it provides that employees employed on teleworking stations 100% can ask to come back one day per week on site. The opinion of the president of the CFTC, Cyril Chabanier. Employees working at 100% telework will be able to ask to come back […]

[국제]Over 60,000 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 in the UK…

The number of new corona19 confirmed daily in the UK exceeded 60,000 for the first time ever. The British government said the number of new confirmed cases was 6,916 a day on the 5th local time, the highest record for two days in a row, following 58,784 the day before. The cumulative confirmed cases and […]

Coffee helps in weight loss … but with some conditions

If you want to lose weight for aesthetic or health reasons, or you do not feel satisfied with your body, it is natural to think about a diet that is suitable for the nature of your body and is an important part of the weight loss journey, so you should consume foods and drinks that […]

Make Better Decisions With Analytically Driven Marketing

About the webinar Are your paid media goals on track? Are you able to quickly update your strategy to reflect changing consumer behaviors? Are you making the best marketing decisions? By analytically scoring your attribution models, you can ensure the best possible marketing outcomes. It gives you the ability to optimize marketing operations end to […]

Groups of champions .. Al-Ahly and Zamalek qualified

Wrote: Omar Qura – Tuesday 5 January 2021 11:02 PM – – Five clubs out of 16 have booked their qualification cards for the group stage of the 2020/2021 CAF Champions League, which saw the presence of the two parties to the final match of the past version, Al-Ahly and Zamalek. Zamalek, the runner-up of […]

Tae-Sung Choi “Proposed to appear on’The Guys Crossing the Line’ 2 times…

Choi Tae-sung, lecturer of Korean history for’Big Star’, introduced her past relationship with MBC entertainment’Guys who cross the line’. – Taesung Choi. Daily Sports – On the 5th, Tae-Sung Choi posted on his Instagram “A few years ago, a TV entertainment team visited the institute. It was launching a new historical entertainment program, so I […]

The company Sup3r5 makes a retro PS5

Because no one says so, let’s say it: company Sup3r5 makes the PS5 as it should have been. That means a matte black design and classic logos. Unfortunately it is out of stock on the website, so we have to make do with the pictures. The company Sup3r5 sells a retro version of the PlayStation […]

New York Equities End: Stabilization after a weak start to the year

The leading index Dow Jones Industrial overcame a temporary attack of weakness and in the end gained 0.55 percent to 30 391.60 points. The market-wide S&P 500 rose 0.71 percent to 3726.86 points and the technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 gained 0.85 percent to 12 802.38 points. On Monday, all three indices had already set records at […]

School operations in Hamburg remain restricted | NDR.de – Nachrichten – Hamburg

Status: 05.01.2021 9:28 p.m. After the state summit with the Chancellor on Tuesday, it is clear: Schools in Hamburg will also remain restricted – until the end of January. Until then, the so-called attendance requirement is lifted. Most of the students in Hamburg are currently in distance learning, which means that parents can decide whether […]

Rita Cortese: “There is no art without ideology” | The actress …

Rita Cortese began his career in 1980 with the help of Ricardo Monti with the work Marathón; He was a fundamental part of the historic Payró Theater team; he worked alongside prestigious directors such as Roberto Villanueva, Jorge Lavelli and Laura Yusem; won the Martín Fierro for his performance in popular strips such as The […]