2021 Huawei Java interview true issue, Spring Series

1 、 First.kubernetesCourse! (Course first. + CréationkubernetesCluster + Deployment of applications + Access to applications + ScaleApplication + Scroll for updates)

2 、 Important concepts

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_02

3 、 Deploymentkubernetes Cluster (Installationdocker + Installation kubelet.kubeadm And kubectll + Aveckubeadm Creationcluster)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Programmer_03

4 、 kubernetesArchitecture (MasterNoeud + NodeNoeud + Complete diagram + Link them for example)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_04

5、Exécuter l’application(Deployment+DaemonSet+Job)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_05

6 、 AdoptionServiceAccess toPod (CreationService + IP Cluster Underlying implementation + DNS Access toService + How to access the ExtranetService)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_06

7 、 Rolling Update (Practice + Go back)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Programmer_07

8 、 Health Check (Default Health Experience + LivenessDétection + ReadinessDétection + Health CheckInScaleup Applications in + Health CheckApplication in Scroll Updates)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Programmer_08

9 、 Data management (volume + PersistentVolume & PersistentVolumeClaim + An example database)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Programmer_09

10 、 Secret & Configmap (CreateSecret + ViewSecret + InPodUsed inSecret + Config Map)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Java_10

11 、 Helm — Kubernetes Package manager for (Why Helm + HelmArchitecture + InstallationHelm + UseHelm + chartDetails)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_11

12 、 Network (Kubernetes Network Model + Various Networking Options + Network Policy)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Programmer_12

13 、 Kubernetes Dashboard (Installation + Configure connection permissions + Dashboard Interface structure + Typical usage scenario)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_13

14 、 Kubernetes Cluster monitoring (wWeave Scope + Heapster + Prometheus Operator)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Programmer_14

15 、 Kubernetes Managing Cluster Logs (Deployment)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Java_15

At last

For a lot of people who were interviewed recently, I also have a lot of interview material., There are other big factories as well..Hope this helps everyone ..

Answers to the interview questions below are compiled into background notes. I have also gathered interview data. & Update 2021 Some real interview issues collected at large factories (Documented, Screenshot partial)

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Java_16

The latest eBook

2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_17

** This article was published by[CODINGProjet Open Source:【Grandes usines de première ligneJavaAnalyse des questions d’entrevue+Résumé de base notes d’étude+Dernière vidéo d’explication+Code source du projet opérationnel】](


2020-2021HuaweiJavaInterview Questions, SpringSeries_Background Development_18

Finally, introduce yourself, Small montage13 Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, I was in a small company, I went to Huawei. 、 OPPOWait for the big factory, 18He entered Ali in.

Knowing that most elementary and high school students Java Engineer, I want to improve my skills, Often it’s self-growth or learning in the classroom, But for training institutions the tuition fee is close to 10,000, The actual pressure is not low. Fragmented self-learning is inefficient and time consuming, And it is very easy to hit the ceiling and the technology stagnates!

So it is also the hope of helping friends who want to learn on their own and do not know where to start, While easing the burden on everyone.



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