Swabs, doctors and hospitals: why the virus is out of control

Yellow, orange and red: these are the colors that today identify the Italian regions on the basis of three different risk bands that take into account the relationship between the speed of diffusion of Covid-19 and the risk linked to the health system of each Region. The problem is that the circulation of the virus […]

Infinix Note 8 Wants to Join in to Taste the Sweetness of the Mobile Gaming Market …

loading… JAKARTA – Mobile game is a magnet for the users smartphone in Indonesia. Until 2019, there were 52 million smartphone users in the country who were “registered” as players mobile game active. (Also read: Game Features on RCTI Plus Serve Online Game Battles, Let’s “Be Sucked”) Companies responded to this market potential smartphone local […]

Elop will buy Simplifai | Finansavisen

• Acquisition of the Norwegian AI company Simplifai AS (Simplifai) gives Elop immediate access to advanced SaaS and automation expertise • The transaction accelerates Elop’s access to a gigantic market with enormous potential for data capture from critical infrastructure • Simplifai remains an independent business under the Elop umbrella, to support Simplifai’s current growth curve […]

In New York State, City Democrats and Field Republicans

The East Coast state voted 58.3% for Joe Biden. The electoral geography shows there a particularly clear opposition between the cities acquired to the Democrats and the rural areas acquired to the Republicans. In the state containing the largest city in the country, the vote was over 58% for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. By looking […]

Can my private health insurance kick me out?

Privately insured persons can claim back premiums that have been paid in excess, as many private health insurance premium increases of the last ten years are ineffective. However, many insured persons have concerns that the claim could have a negative impact on their insurance status. In this article, we from the BRR consumer law firm […]

Emmendingen: News from the Paulus and Stadtkirchen community: Divine service plan until November 22nd – All discussion groups, senior afternoons, adult education events and choir and orchestra rehearsals cannot take place at the moment

The current Corona regulations allow church services and religious events. We see that as a privilege. We want to handle it carefully and responsibly. And we regret that many other areas of cultural and social life have to face such severe restrictions. Quite a few people experience the present times as dark and dreary. Perhaps […]

The attack in Vienna. Karl Nehammer, head of the Ministry of the Interior, on the mistakes

Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer admitted on Friday that the bomber who killed four people in Vienna on Monday had not been placed under surveillance before, despite having contacted people watched by the Vienna National Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Combating Terrorism (LVT). – These are the contacts of the future murderer […]