When will a vaccine against the coronavirus be ready | Univision Health News

President Nicolás Maduro said that the measure will be lifted during the month of December. “Last week of this year 2020 of radical quarantine,” Maduro said in a televised broadcast, “We are in the spirit of Christmas.” The restrictions will be reimposed in January, “with strength, organization, discipline and conscience (…) We are in the […]

Curaçao introduces stricter corona measures | Abroad

For example, alcohol may not be served in bars, cafes and restaurants. Also, no alcohol is allowed on the street and all casinos must be closed. Restaurants are not allowed to let in guests, but only deliver or collect food. Justice Minister Quincy Girigorie announced on Monday afternoon that there will be no lockdown. The […]

Under the leadership of Bagatska, Ukraine qualifies for the EC final

Ainars Bagatskis | Photo: FIBA On Monday, the Ukrainian national team, led by the former head coach of the Latvian men’s basketball team Ainars Bagatskas, won a ticket to the final tournament of the 2022 European Championship, for which Slovenia, Israel and Spain also qualified. Ukraine defeated Austria in the subgroup F duel in Ljubljana […]

Advisers ex-fiancé file a complaint against father and son De Mol | Inland

According to Aachboun, John and Johnny de Mol ‘knowingly’ reported a fact that was not committed against him and his colleague. Last week it became clear that father and son de Mol were reporting an attempt to threaten threats, a form of extortion that does not use violence. The threat was allegedly made by letter. […]

Playing Video Games Can Help Maintain Mental Health

JAKARTA – Playing video games can help Mental health. The research by the Oxford University team comes as video game sales soar this year as more people are stranded in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic and more. the state imposes limits on public life. Reported by Medical Xpress, the published article is based […]

The Bitcoin exchange rate rises to the highest level ever

The article continues below the ad On Monday afternoon Norwegian time, one bitcoin reached a value of 19,722 dollars, a new record for the cryptocurrency. According to Bloomberg, the previous peak was $ 19,511. Since the beginning of September, the bitcoin exchange rate has risen sharply, and has almost doubled in just a few months. […]

400 revelers interrupted by New York police

New York Police have put an end to an illegal party that was being held in the heart of Manhattan. No less than 400 revelers were on site. • Read also: Singer pays $ 17,300 for pandemic party • Read also: “Covidiots” refuse to wear the mask in a restaurant and vandalize it • Read […]

Content Marketing

Do you think content marketing is old hat? You are already using it, but you are not getting any results? The number of visitors to your blog is decreasing, the conversion rate is stagnating and your news articles are only shared by your own employees via social media. Then this is not due to content […]