EIXO ATLÁNTICO AND LINHA DO MINHO CONNECTION: ADIF puts out to tender the drafting of the project for the Redondela-Arcade Bifurcation section | Radio Vigo | Present

A small step to advance the electrification between the south of Galicia and the border with Portugal. Adif has given the green light to the drafting of the comprehensive renovation project for the Redondela-Bifurcación Arcade section, on the Redondela-Santiago conventional gauge line for 807,967.43 euros. This action includes the improvement of infrastructure and road in […]

In 2020, the Baltimore Museum will only purchase works signed by women

29. November 2019 3 min – – – Its director wants to rebalance the collection. It also marks the centenary of the right to vote granted to American women. The fact remains that we are in the hard tendency of political correctness. – – The museum poster with the (outrageously retouched) photo of director Christopher […]

Is concerned about the spread of the new coronavirus in the Czech Republic – worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday expressed concern about the pandemic situation in the Czech Republic and its government’s intention to reduce the number of contacts of new coronavirus contacts. “To defeat Covid-19, there are no alternatives to testing, tracking and isolation – neither here nor elsewhere,” the Czech WHO office told Facebook. The […]

Halls have to leave only one seat between each tour …

Flemish Minister of Culture Jan Jambon (N-VA) has announced a relaxation of the corona measures in the cultural sector. Halls will only have to leave one seat free between each spectator or bubble. The capacity would thus increase to 60 percent. – Important relaxation in the corona measures for the cultural sector: from now on […]

Trailer teaser ‘Dune’ online now!

<!– – –> Tomorrow the first full trailer for the great science fiction film will be released Dune from acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve, one of the biggest films expected to hit theaters this year. As is often the case, we first have a quick trailer teaser! Below you get a look at that trailer teaser […]

Denon celebrates its birthday with a special edition AV receiver and hi-fi set

Denon is 110 years old this year. Reason for the Japanese brand to market a number of very special products. Exclusive too, because the Anniversary Edition AV receiver, integrated amplifier and SACD player carry a hefty premium price tag. But you do get unique devices for that, claims Denon. In total, Denon is launching four […]

Where is Kansas City again ?: Trump embarrasses himself with a Super Bowl tweet

That Kansas City is in Kansas doesn’t sound completely absurd. So out with it: Donald Trump sends congratulations to the new Super Bowl champion via Twitter. Just stupid: What doesn’t sound absurd is still wrong. And flies – despite quick corrections. With a “false” congratulation for the new Super Bowl champion, Donald Trump has earned […]