Use myVieCuri unprecedented |

– In 2020, the use of myVieCuri patient portal has grown significantly. In January and February this year, another 35% of patients logged in to their own portal to access their own medical data. During the corona crisis, it rose to more than 90%. At the moment the use of myVieCuri is approximately 50%. This […]

This is how Zdena Studénková lives! A breathtaking LUXURY

Who would think that she is just a fifteen who crunches a salad as much as possible, would be very wrong. As a good Slovak, the actress can not only cook and bake, but also keep her household in perfect order. Her website, where she lives with her partner Braně Kostka (48), was looked at […]

These are the specifications and prices for the Xiaomi Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro

Jakarta – Xiaomi officially introducing Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro. Here are the complete specifications and prices for the two phones. Both carry a 6.67 inch LCD screen with Full HD + resolution. The company made Lei Jun it offers an adaptive refresh rate. 144 Hz highest, 30 Hz lowest. When used to watch […]

Man died after stabbing in Rozenburg | Inland

A police spokesman initially informed the regional broadcaster that the man was in serious need. The victim was resuscitated, but to no avail. A trauma helicopter was also called in. Nothing is yet known about the cause of the stabbing or the identity of the victim. According to eyewitnesses, there was a lot of panic […]

IMAS closes the Santa Josefa de Murcia Day Center for the elderly | Radio Murcia

The Ministry of Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy through the Murcian Institute of Social Action (IMAS), and in view of the data offered by the Murcian Health Service, on the increase in positive data due to COVID, reports the closing, as of Monday, August 31, from Day Center for the Elderly Santa Josefa […]

King Salman Makes Iran Shattering, Middle East Turbulent

King of Saudi Arabia Salman Abdulaziz. Photo: Reuters – – The situation in the Middle East is getting hotter after the King of Saudi Arabia Salman Abdulaziz cast harsh criticism on Iran. King Salman openly stated that Iran created a terrorist network when he addressed the UN general assembly last week. READ ALSO: Amien […]