NASA to remove all racist terms from its repertoire

Racism undoubtedly affects all areas, even science. Moreover, the field of space science would also be affected, and NASA has confirmed that this is the case by acknowledging, having used “racist nicknames” for the designation of certain cosmic objects. Aware of the discriminatory nature of this kind of nicknames, the American space agency declared, on […]

Ready to fly: More than 600 empty flights in 13 months

In more than 80 percent of all flights, the government aircraft in readiness for flight are en route without passengers. The Greens criticize this practice as “crazy”. The Ministry of Defense promises an end soon. From April 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020, aircraft in readiness for flight from the Ministry of Defense flew a […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

A Norwegian citizen was detained by the police because he damaged several cars. The wounded man was taken to hospital, where it turned out that he had the coronavirus. The man ran away but was caught. He faces 12 years in prison. The incident took place on Tuesday night in Krakow. Police detained a Norwegian […]

Claudine Cassereau died in hospital at 66

This is sad news that touches the small world of Miss France. The winner of the competition in 1972 is dead. 66-year-old Claudine Cassereau died on August 5 at the Fréjus hospital. They represent French beauty and elegance. Since 1920, when the competition was created, the Miss France have followed one another to carry the […]

When John Huston chased Joyce’s ghost on Dublin night

1904. Snow falls on Dublin, snow falls on Ireland in John Huston’s film The Dead, just like in the short story by James Joyce. It is the evening of Epiphany. Three women, the Morkan sisters and their niece, fond of music, receive as every year parents, friends, students, musicians for a ball and a feast […]

The Giro di Lombardia starts from Bergamo: here are all the roads involved

The 114th edition of the Giro di Lombardia will undoubtedly remain in the annals of cycling. Traditionally positioned in the month of October, the Coronavirus forced the organizers to move the international competition to the day of August 15th, creating a somewhat unusual climate for the appointment. Once again Bergamo will host the departure of […]