“The Last Dance”, a shot of nostalgia as pleasant as it is superficial

Reading time: 7 min Released April 19 in the middle of confinement, The Last Dance, documentary series on the exceptional career of Michael Jordan, could not have been better. Co-produced by ESPN and Netflix, and directed by documentary filmmaker Jason Hehir, the program immerses us in the greatest athletic exploits of the athlete, from his […]

Wife Efremova lamented for a heavy share

Alina Krylova Sofia Kruglikova after an accident involving her husband flatly refuses to contact the press. –Mikhail Efremov / Photo: globallookpress.com – Wife of Mikhail Efremov Sofia Kruglikova is afraid for the condition of children. Immediately after the press became aware of the fatal accident, the alleged culprit of which was the actor, the woman […]

Insiders: NVIDIA will release a graphics card GeForce RTX 3090 | news

NVIDIA is preparing to release the GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card. This was announced by igor’sLAB portal, citing its own sources. An insider added that the name of the product may change. The RTX 3000 line is expected to have at least three models. In addition to the 3090, the basic and improved versions of […]

back to the fold for Loiodice?

Zapping Eleven World Stade Rennais: serious candidate for the Champions League? The picture gets darker for Enzo Loiodice in England. Loaned to Wolverhampton last January, the French international U20 (6 selections) would not have convinced the English club during this period. According to Anton Toloui’s information (Sky Sports), the Wolves would have an option to […]

Impressive training grounds for firefighters are created

The state-owned construction sites in Wrzburg do not stand still despite the challenges posed by the corona pandemic, according to a press release from the State Building Authority in Wrzburg. The State Building Authority in Wrzburg is currently building the new training area and the accommodation building with vehicle hall for the State Fire School […]

How was Torrente born in the head of Santiago Segura? | The lighthouse | Present

Safe Santiago, known to everyone for his Torrente universe, visit #ElFaroMentira and chat during the early morning with Mara Torres. He has reviewed his childhood, his first memory in the cinema with ‘Mary Poppins’ and other anecdotes from his youth such as the porn comic under a woman’s name that he wrote in college. Listen […]

LAST MINUTE NEWS: Governors of 41 provinces have changed

Last minute news! The Governors Decree was published in the Official Gazette. With the decree, the governors of 41 provinces changed, with the appointment of 18 new governors, the governors of 23 provinces were replaced. According to the appointment decisions, Yavuz Selim Köşger was appointed as the Governor of İzmir, Süleyman Elban, Governor of Adana […]

LIVE – Coronavirus: the government wants to end the state of health emergency on July 10

CONFINEMENT Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Covid-19 deaths in each country This grim scenario has convinced some governments to opt for containment, but voices are now rising to criticize the “alarmism” of the simulations on which he was based. “We have given far too much weight to these models,” assures AFP Professor Jean-François […]

Bronny James in free fall for the 2023 draft!

While Bronny James seems promised to the NBA, he should not follow the same steps of his father. ESPN made a first ranking for the 2023 draft, and LeBron’s son is very far from first place. At 35, LeBron James still plays for several reasons. The first is obvious: he dreams of winning more rings, […]